Gathering North notches up another success

Gathering North 2011

February 15 2011: The January 2011 Gathering continued the tradition of bringing top EFT presenters to the North of England.

Held at Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley, the event provided an opportunity for tappers from around the country to get together, network, share experiences, and hear some of the leading practitioners discuss their own work.

Now, thanks to EFT master and chief event organiser Gwyneth Moss, everyone can benefit from the knowledge that was shared that weekend. An audio file for each of the presentations is available to download, together with handout notes.

Among the speakers were:

  • Tennis coach Sean Grey, on the use of EFT to help singers, musicians, sportsmen and women
  • Heather Carter, on the Law of Attraction, setting up and marketing a caring business and transforming her life
  • Andy Hunt, who demonstrated the Identity Relief process he devised for quickly and comfortably dissolving unhelpful identity beliefs
  • June Spencer explained how Inner RePatterning, a tool she developed in collaboration with Tania Prince, uses one point tapping for self-realisation and self-empowerment and is being used within a health care centre for group work with anger management
  • Jessica Mór shared how she has successfully used EFT, Bach Flower Remedies and Reiki to completely transform her life after severe anxiety, depression and dissociation
  • Sarah Holland, on eliminating stress and negative emotions and beliefs arising from infertility
  • Claire Hayes, on the power of EFT as a lifesaver for parents with autistic children
  • Phil Reed, on coaching inner city children and their adults who, against tremendous odds, are searching for a true sense of belonging
  • John Bullough, on building thriving relationships with onself and others
  • Karen Young, one tapping for oneself and dealing with negativity
  • Karen Lewis, on dealing with menopausal symptoms in oneself and clients using EFT instead of HRT
  • Jay Kelly, on helping clients and their families through their cancer journey
  • Jan Mustchin, on working with people living with cancer, their carers and family members
  • Frances Goodall, on working with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and ME
  • Ruth Fox, on Intuitive Connection and its use in EFT work

Additional sessions on the Friday and Monday covered a further diverse range of topics:

“Thanks to everyone who helped make the event a success,” says Gwyneth. “Especially John Bullough, who made and edited the audio recordings, the volunteers who helped organise the event, and of course our presenters who made it such a memorable occasion.”

The next major Gathering event will be held in the Midlands on May 21-22, followed in October by the EFT Masterclass 2011 in York.

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