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EFT Practice Day: 6 hours of intensive practice using EFT – Cheshire, Sunday 12 January 2014

tania prince

Have you attended an EFT training course? Do you want to set up an EFT therapy practice but can’t? Maybe there are reasons for that: Lack Practice: You lack confidence because of not having enough real, hands-on practice of EFT. You know the techniques but haven’t had the experience of conducting a therapy session from start to finish. You have attended skills based training courses but you still don’t feel you are an EFT therapist. The EFT Practice Day is an intensive training day geared toward taking you to the next level. This training is about embedding the knowledge you have gained and turning you into a therapist. It provides the essential practice that makes the difference between having a theoretical knowing and truly knowing how to do EFT. Truly knowing EFT is about real practice, with real issues. It is about knowing the strategies of conducting an EFT session and being able to apply those strategies even if your client is not a text book case. Immersing yourself in EFT is the fastest way to truly master it. This is a day of immersion, one with a lifeguard nearby to guide you through any difficult moments and support you to the next level. This event, run by EFT Founding Master Tania A Prince, is open to those who already work as a therapist and just want to practice their skills and be with their colleagues. It counts toward CPD (Continuing Professional Development). Course investment is £55 and it will be held at the Hallmark Hotel, Stanley Road, Handforth, Cheshire, England, SK9 3LD. For More Information or to book visit the event website, call Tania on 07792 500881, or email .

Life Beyond Fear – Two-day workshop, Alcester, Saturday & Sunday, 15-16 February 2014

karl and ted

EFT master and advanced practitioner and trainer Ted Wilmont, who has used Matrix reimprinting in as many as 2,000 client sessions, has developed a life-changing new workshop aimed at combating and removing fear from our lives. Matrix reimprinting is a powerful tool that can not only change the existing morphic field of primal fear but also create a new future in which we can know a life beyond fear. The workshop looks at how we all connect to and accept the beliefs and fears of others, and add our own experiences to the pot. There will be demonstrations and breakout sessions over both days, as well as group discussions on using Matrix reimprinting to make real change on a universal level. The cost of the workshop is £230. Book by December 1 to get an early Christmas pressie of a £30 reduction. To pay the £50 deposit for the event, visit Ted’s training web page, and to register complete Ted’s contact form. The balance of the payment can be made on arrival at the hotel. Accommodation costs should be settled directly with the Kings Court Hotel.

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