John Bullough: a tribute

John Bullough

March 29 2012: After a five-month battle with pancreatic cancer, John Bullough sadly passed away earlier this month. An integrative counsellor/psychotherapist and co-editor of EFT & Beyond – Cutting Edge Techniques for Personal Transformation, John was also a past member of the AAMET training panel.

In his role as training panel leader he was acutely aware of the need to communicate to all the members of AAMET and provide a forum for them to be heard. To that end he was very supportive of setting up (now EmotionalBuzz).

Ted Wilmont worked alongside John in the AAMET organisation. Here he remembers those times.

“I first met John Bullough at an EFT training event organised by EFT master Karl Dawson, and later sat with him on the AAMET training panel.

“John was responsible for putting in place many of the guidelines and procedures still in use by the AAMET today.

“During this period, over many meetings and hours of discussion, I was always impressed by John’s calm sense of fairness and his quiet determination to ensure that everyone felt included. He expended great amounts of effort and time to make sure that everyone’s voice was heard and that the fairest possible outcome could be reached.

“His huge reserves of patience and his ability to consider all points of view were central to the work that he did on behalf of so many people.

“These are qualities that John exuded throughout the entire process and from which I learned a great deal. John and I often chatted both in person and on the phone and shared some enjoyable lunches. I found it easy to relax in the presence of his calm and gentle demeanour and good humour.

I shall miss our chats but know that the wisdom that he shared with me will stay with me for ever.

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