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January 29, 2013: Energy Psychology Cafe hosts Sharon Cass-Toole and Meyer Toole have embarked on an Energy Psychology Summit that is free for participants.

The Science and Spirituality summit, which also features Matrix Reimprinting, includes interviews with 24 of the world’s top energy practitioners and experts, who will share their insights into all aspects of science and spirituality, helping you to find more meaning in your day-to-day life and empowering you to make dramatic and positive changes, as well as address the core issues that are the key to health and vitality.

The series kicked of at the end of January with an interview with Karin Davidson, the first Matrix Reimprinting trainer in the US.

Other notable interviewees include Dr Carol Look, Norm Shealy MD, Dr Bradley Nelson DC, Mahendra Trivedi and Dr Joe Dispenza.

The summit runs over the next three months, and consists of two calls per week.

To take part, simply register at the Energy Psychology Cafe website. Registrants also qualify to receive eight bonus gifts: a series of interviews with speakers who have changed millions of lives.

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