TBP: The Secret of clearing limits

the secret

February 21 2012: Why is it not working on me? That’s a question frequently encountered by Alan and Jenny Cox during their workshops and talks on their technique, The Balance Procedure.

As Alan explains: “Like many people I was really impressed by the film The Secret, produced by Prime Time Productions in 2006, and started to manifest all the things into my life I wanted and like a lot of people had varying success.

“We show a clip of the film during our workshops, and audience members often raise the question of how do they make it work for them.

“I’ve found that when you are aware of what you want you can then create the intention to attract it to you.”

But Alan has found that’s often where the sticking point lies.

“If you have a massive desire or an overwhelming wanting, then, yes you can attract things to you very quickly.

“However, even starting with a great burning desire, the desire eventually begins to wane, and this is when the self-limiting beliefs and negative patterns of behaviour kick in. They start to sabotage our desires.”

Alan believes that ‘being aware’ and ‘intending’ aren’t enough, because if we haven’t cleared the self-limiting beliefs we will self-sabotage every time.

“Awareness and intention are logical thoughts, but self-limiting beliefs aren’t logical,” he explains. “So trying to find where they come from or what trauma may have started them is not much use. Clearing these obstacles is the first thing you need to do before the manifesting even starts.”

Alan feels this is were The Balance Procedure comes into its own. “I believe it is the missing link to manifesting the results in our lives that we desire.

“In TPB we use cards on which we’ve written messages and kinetically test whether our subconscious mind agrees with the messages on the cards,” he explains. “The process helps us clear away subconscious thoughts that prevent us from moving forward.”

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