Gill Edwards heads Findhorn conference

Gill Edwards

February 21 2011: Author and clinical psychologist Gill Edwards is headlining a four-day Conscious Medicine conference at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland, at Easter.

She will be appearing alongside the following inspirational keynote speakers:

  • Stephanie Mines – American neuropsychologist, author of We Are All In Shock and creator of TARA Approach
  • Karl Dawson – EFT Master and co-author of Matrix Reimprinting: Using EFT, who has specialised in the links between emotional trauma and disease
  • Arielle Essex – author, life-coach and Master NLP Practitioner, as featured in the film The Living Matrix, who healed herself of a brain tumour
  • John McGregor – hospital consultant who trained for many years in shamanism, energy anatomy and healing the light body.

The conference will explore how the emerging scientific picture of a conscious (or psycho-energetic) universe relates to healthcare and medicine.

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According to speaker Karl Dawson, the conference will ask questions such as – how do our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and unresolved traumas get downloaded into the physical body? How can we heal dis-ease by shifting our energy and consciousness – and aligning with the universal energy field? And how can we help others to heal themselves?

Conference attendees will have an opportunity to learn about cutting-edge science in the emerging field of conscious medicine, listen to pioneers and visionaries in this field, integrate ancient healing wisdom with the new physics, new biology and new spirituality, understand why transforming consciousness is the true basis of healthcare, and learn how to uncover the hidden gifts of any symptom or disease.

“They’ll also gain skills and insights which will help them be happier and healthier.”

As well as attending workshops which offer powerful, innovative tools for healing, they’ll also have an opportunity to network with like-minded health practitioners, therapists and others with an interest in health and spirituality.

The line up of workshops at Findhorn includes:

  • Healing the light body
  • Mindfulness in medicine
  • Unwrapping the gifts of dis-ease
  • Cancer: the healing journey
  • Working as a holistic doctor
  • Healing with family constellations
  • Matrix Reimprinting
  • The wounded healer

There will also be sessions offering meditation, yoga, dance, breath and energy work.

Delegates will be charged an income related price ranging from £395 to £595, which includes four nights’ accommodation and all meals. For information and to register visit the Findhorn website.

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