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richard flook

January 23 2011: Author and META Medicine master coach and trainer Richard Flook has revamped his entire training and certification programme and relaunched it under his new online brand, META Medicine Made Easy: Why Am I Sick?.

Richard has distilled two decades of knowledge and experience into an easy, understandable online format. Of interest to those learning about META Medicine for personal interest or hoping to begin a new career in the field, his new website is a stepping stone to understanding disease and its process.

His intention is for the site to become a central portal for META Medicine which will carry all his current and future interactive internet home courses in an online learning environment.

“The new site brings together all my learning about helping ourselves to heal using META Medicine, as well as EFT and Matrix Reimprinting,” he says. “All my current and future courses will be available online for easy access.”

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In his book, Why Am I Sick?, Richard asks what causes disease – could stress be a trigger and do negative emotions have a role to play? He believes the new technique of META Medicine, which he developed to help people uncover the cause of health issues, may hold the answers. “META Medicine is a powerful diagnostic and therapy model that explains the connection between body, mind, and spirit using integrative medicine,” he says.

META Medicine is based on a group of 10 principles that Richard believes could completely redefine our understanding of disease, healing and health. META Medicine suggests that there is not only a connection between mind and body but also a very precise connection that links the mind, body, spirit, social and environment. “Each area of our brain corresponds to a specific organ and a specific conflict or trauma and it all links into how we react in our environment, socially with others and spiritually as an person.”

In a short video clip, which can be downloaded for later viewing, Richard talks about META Medicine and his new introductory course as well as his certification programme.

meta medicine “Whether someone has a simple interest in health related topics, wishes to understand the process of disease, gain insights into why people get sick or even take the first step to embarking on a health coach career, this self-paced, step by step introduction will enlighten them on areas of disease that are not well known, will change the way they look at disease and answer questions on why people get sick.”

Registrants can learn more about META Medicine through online video lessons in easy to understand language. “Anyone can learn the basics behind META Medicine and how it is used to explain the process of disease,” Richard says.

The introductory META Medicine course teaches registrants about:

  • The mind-body connection
  • What causes a diseases, allergies and chronic disease
  • What causes headaches, cramps and fits
  • Situations which trigger disease
  • How to heal yourself
  • How nutrition can help
  • Why your disease is where it is
  • Valuable information about viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Insights into psychological issues, emotion and though patterns.

They will also have direct access to:

  • Premium content on up to date META Medicine information
  • Meta Medicine made easy member area access
  • Meta Medicine made easy video series access
  • Member level access to community forum – discussions and blogs
  • Exclusive Meta Medicine articles and information.

Richard’s full 16 week META Medicine certification course to become a health coach/practitioner is available online 24/7, 365 days a year for students to study at their own pace.

Students will be required to study the series of videos, complete practice sessions, pass an exam and submit case studies, after which they will be awarded a certificate of completion.

“Everything will be available online so people donít have to be in front of me for tutorials and classes,” says Richard. “Experienced practitioners will also be on hand to assist students through the programme.”

Richard has set himself a huge target. He aims to train 1,000 META Medicine practitioners by the end of 2011 and a total of 10,000 by the end of 2012, but he believes there is a huge demand for the technique and is also putting together an advanced learning programme to bring practitioners to master level.

He also hopes to make the content of the courses available in other languages, including Malaysian, Japanese, Mandarin and Indian.

For further information on pricing and to register, visit the EmotionalBuzz product page or go direct to the META Medicine registration page.

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