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June 17 2009: EFT master Karl Dawson is taking the matrix on the road, with a series of Matrix Reimprinting workshops around the world later this year.

The tour includes dates in Belgium, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia and the US, and begins and ends in the UK.

Karl’s appearance at Coff’s Harbour, Australia, coincides with the EFT Extravaganza, where he will be featuring alongside EFT masters from Australia and Canada.

Matrix Reimprinting, a new energy psychology tool developed by Karl that combines the latest from leading edge science, epigenetics and quantum physics, has caught the imagination of practitioners worldwide.

One, Adelaide-based EFT master Maggie Adkins, said: “When the third person in two days said to me, ‘You really ought to get Karl Dawson to Extravaganza’, I paid attention. This statement was followed by accolades of how terrific both Karl and his Matrix work are. So I visited his website, emailed him, we talked, and I am so very excited that not only can I be a part of bringing this man to Australia, but I will have the opportunity to learn from him as well.”

The full tour and dates are:

  • Monday 27-Tuesday 28 July – Brighton Metropole Hotel, UK
  • Monday 21-Tuesday 22 September – Brighton Metropole Hotel, UK
  • Saturday 31 October-Sunday 1 November – Hong Kong
  • Tuesday 10-Wednesday 11 November – Coffs Harbour, Australia
  • Saturday 21-Sunday 22 November – Annapolis, US
  • Monday 30 November-Tuesday 1 December – Studley Castle, UK
  • Monday 1-Tuesday 2 February 2010 – Brighton Metropole, UK
  • Monday 11-Tuesday 12 January 2010 – Guernsey, Channel Islands
  • Saturday 23-Sunday 24 January 2010 – Oslo, Norway
  • Monday 23-Tuesday 24 February 2010 – Studley, Warwickshire, UK
  • Monday 8-Tuesday 9 March 2010 – Brussels, Belgium
  • Tuesday 23-Wednesday 24 March 2010 – Cape Town, South Africa

Karl has also re-released new sets of his DVD series, including EFT 1 and 2, Meta-Medicine, Serious Diseases and Matrix Reimprinting. Visit the products page for more information.

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