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June 13 2009: EFT’s profile in the UK was given a huge boost recently when Britain’s Next Top Coach contestant Carey Mann was featured in Britain’s most popular daily newspaper.

According to The Sun, more than a million Brits are hooked on the UK’s most habit-forming substance, chocolate.

They say it is the world’s most addictive foodstuff and kicking the habit can be as hard as coming off drugs. What’s more, according to The Sun, eating just one bar of chocolate a day could pile on two stones in a year and mask signs of clinical depression.

Sun reporter Jane Hamilton admitted that she’d been hooked on her sugary fixes for more than 20 years and had tried almost every way to quit – from hypnotherapy, aversion therapy, willpower and diets, to sniffing vanilla oil, which is supposed to counteract craving. But nothing worked for her.

However, just a few minutes tapping with Carey was enough to convince her she had conquered her addiction.

“Jane was sceptical, at first,” said Carey, “but after just one hour long session she felt she was cured.

“I started by asking her to hold and sniff her favourite chocolate bar and give it a rating out of ten for how much she wanted to eat it.

tap chocolate“At first she answered ten out of ten – then I tapped out a simple sequence on her wrist and face – ‘even though I really want that chocolate, it tastes so good, smells delicious and creamy ... I’m ok’, and ‘I control chocolate, chocolate doesn’t control me.’

“She said she felt daft and was convinced it would not work. But when I handed the chocolate back to her, two minutes later, it no longer smelled so good and her craving rating was down to eight out of ten.”

“After a few rounds I asked Jane what the chocolate reminded her of and she said ‘Easter’, and she remembered at this point that she preferred eating Easter eggs more than any other type of chocolate.

“With a little investigation we came to the conclusion that Easter was a time of happiness and joy and that Jane’s chocolate addiction was associated to good, fond and loving memories (a guiding star). We tapped around this theme for a further 20 minutes. By this time she was confident with the tapping protocol and she was excited about being able to use it if the chocolate craving hit her again.

“After another 40 minutes of the tapping sequence, she could happily throw the chocolate in the bin.”

Carey told Jane that EFT works on the subconscious. “As more than 95 per cent of what we do is subconscious, it’s the most effective way to work.

“It was great working with Jane as she was one of those ‘shift-super-quick’ clients,” she added.

Jane said that since her session, she hadn’t eaten chocolate for a week. The Sun also reported that pop star Lily Allen has used it to help lose weight, and Madonna is rumoured to be a fan, too.

EFT and Carey have also featured in the health pages of Sky’s online health supplement.

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