New manual for Matrix Reimprinting

matrix manual

August 10 2009: EFT master Karl Dawson has produced a new manual for his Matrix Reimprinting technique, and it’s free to subscribers to his newsletter.

Karl developed Matrix Reimprinting after seven years focusing on EFT and working with and training hundreds of individuals.

“As I have spent time working with EFT so intensely, I have begun to develop my own variations on the original EFT protocol,” he says. “One such variation is producing results that are so far beyond the ordinary, that it has become the main focus of my attention. I have named the technique Matrix Reimprinting.”

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The manual, available both in Powerpoint slideshow and PDF formats, takes the reader through Karl’s Matrix Reimprinting techniques and outlining how they build on classic EFT techniques.

For your free copy of Karl’s Matrix Reimprinting manual, simply register for his free newsletter at his website

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