Meet up in London for EFT

House of St Barnabas

March 10, 2011: An empowerment group that meets up regularly in Soho, central London, is calling for new faces.

Founded and organised in October 2010 by practitioner Catherine Dixon and Lorraine Flaherty the group, Empower Your Life, is a community of about 50 local energy therapists and practitioners with an interest in techniques that give people their power back. They meet approximately every month at the Hospice of St Barnabas and can discuss issues or chat on the meet up forum.

“At Empower Your Life we discuss steps to empowerment as well as practical tools to help us achieve our life goals,” says Catherine. “We also invite leading experts in their fields to give presentations on therapies as diverse as EFT, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and Chi Kung (qigong).

“We charge a contribution fee of £10 from everyone attending, and this all goes to House of St Barnabas, which hosts the events. It’s also a charity that helps homeless people back into employment and is therefore a really worthy cause.”

The next meet up in Soho is on March 16 at 7.00pm. To find out more about the meet up, at The House of St Barnabas, 1 Greek Street, Soho Square, and join the group, visit the group’s website:

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