Matrix Reimprinting on tour – part II

matrix world tour

March 10 2010: EFT master Karl Dawson has announced dates for stage two of his world Matrix Reimprinting tour.

Following on from last year’s global odyssey, which saw Karl visiting Belgium, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia and the US, this year’s stage takes him back to the US, Australia and Hong Kong, as well as Germany, the UK, Dubai and Singapore.

Matrix Reimprinting, a new energy psychology tool developed by Karl that combines the latest from leading edge science, epigenetics and quantum physics, has caught the imagination of practitioners worldwide.

The full tour and dates for 2010 so far are:

  • Monday 19-Tuesday 20 April – Santa Fe, US
  • Monday 3-Tuesday 4 May – Kings Court Hotel, Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • Monday 8-Tueday 9 May – Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK
  • Monday 15-Tuesday 16 May – Frankfurt, Germany
  • Monday 24-Tuesday 25 May – Thistle Hotel, Brighton, UK
  • Monday 28-Tuesday 29 June – Kings Court Hotel, Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK
  • Saturday 14-Sunday 15 August – Annapolis, US
  • Saturday 18-Sunday 19 September – Dubai, UAE
  • Monday 27-Tuesday 28 September – Singapore
  • Saturday 2-Sunday 3 October – Hong Kong
  • Saturday 9-Sunday 10 October – Melbourne, Australia

At many of the venues, Karl is also offering his two-day EFT Level 1 and 2 courses. See Karl’s website for details, and also for feedback on last year’s tour.

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