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March 6 2009: EFT practitioner Carey Mann of London has been shortlisted in an online competition to find Britain’s Next Top Coach.

Visitors to the organisers’ website can register and vote for their favourite candidate, each of whom can be seen in a short video clip describing their work and why they should win.

There are three voting criteria:

  • Connection - this is all about the personal impact the contestant makes
  • Expertise - this is all about the level of knowledge, skills and expertise the contestant demonstrates
  • Insight - this is all about what the visitor discovers from watching the contestant’s video.

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The three-stage competition selects 12 contestants to go forward into the April semi-finals. Here, they will give a 10-minute engaging and informative talk - in front of a live audience!

The audience vote for their top four to proceed to the final in July, where they will be filmed in action coaching individuals or couples. The winner, who will be announced in October, stands to win a “Media Production and Promotion” package worth £100,000. All of the competition judges are best-selling authors or highly regarded individuals from the fields of self-help and personal development.

Carey is the only EFT practitioner among the contestants battling for the title, so let’s give her all our support and wish her luck!

Find out more, see Carey’s entry video and don’t forget to vote at

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