Why am I Sick? – Review

why am I sick

In his new book, Why am I Sick? (subtitled What’s really wrong and how you can solve it using META-Medicine®), author and head of international training META-Medicine Richard Flook explores illness, traditional medicine, and a new approach to how we can go about healing ourselves.

He traces his current affinity with META-Medicine back to how he coped with family bereavement as a 12-year-old child.

For years he tried in vain to find out why his mother died so tragically and so young, but much later, while working on another advanced emotional clearing technique, a chance meeting with the founder of the International META-Medicine Association suggested an answer and persuaded him that this was the path he should follow.

META-Medicine is not a therapy or therapeutic intervention, Richard believes. Instead, he calls it a ‘model for diagnosing disease that is based on how the body reacts to a significant stressful event which affects the body, mind, spirit, or a person’s social and environmental balance’.

In his introduction to Why am I sick?, EFT master Karl Dawson explains how together with Richard he has successfully combined META-Medicine with his own technique, Matrix Reimprinting.

“With careful diagnosis you can quickly get to the root of any disease condition using META-Medicine and resolve it using Matrix Reimprinting,” he says.

Richard devotes his early chapters to the current state of healthcare in the world, why pain and disease happen and what causes them, the two phases of disease and why they keep reoccurring. Later he turns to healing, the role of the brain in controlling disease, the nature of microbes in dease, and also antibiotics and immunisation.

In the final chapters he discusses vitality and food, drugs and their side effects, basic pyschological symptoms, and the future of medicine.

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Using many of his own case studies that cover a wide range of conditions, Richard employs a simple diagrammatic approach to represent the key phases of stress and healing and illustrate how they differ from the state of healthy normality.

He provides reasons that explain how our current thinking about healthcare is flawed.

“This book goes completely against the present thinking of traditional medicine,” he says, adding that the information he provides is controversial and ‘designed to make the reader think differently about disease’.

Richard says that if the reader already has a diagnosis and is thinking about certain therapies, whether traditional, complementary or alternative, this book will ‘open their eyes as to why you have your disease and the symptoms you may be experiencing’.

However, he adds that if the reader intends to act on any of the information he provides in Why am I Sick?, they should contact a licensed META-Medicine health coach who will work alongside their medical practitioner.

Why am I Sick?, by Richard Flook, with Rob van Overbruggen PhD is printed by MPG Books in the UK and available for £20 (US$30).

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