Emotional Freedom Technique for Dummies

eft for dummies

by Prof Tam Llewellyn-Edwards PhD

Emotional Freedom Techniques have really come to stay with the publication of the book, Emotional Freedom Technique for Dummies part of the world-famous series published by Wiley in UK and America.

Emotional Freedom Technique for Dummies by AAMET Trainer, Helena Fone, takes its place in the series as only the third therapy-based title - following Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies and Neuro-linguistic Programming for Dummies, bringing EFT into the forefront of complementary therapy processes.

Is the book any good? Well, yes it is very good indeed - in fact it is excellent. I would go further than that and say it is the best general EFT book I have seen - the only book on EFT that most users would need. I say that will some trepidation as the author of two earlier EFT books, which I have now decided I will not reprint as they cannot stand up to this new publication.

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The new book is in the same inimitable style as the others in the … for Dummies series and so is at the same time both easy reading and great instruction. The book starts with no preconceptions as to what the reader already knows about EFT with the first part being the ‘Path to Emotional Freedom’. Subsequent parts lead the reader deeper into the use of EFT and spread the learning out into specialised areas, such as controlling cravings and the secrets of successful sleep. There is a section of resources, a glossary, and a really good index which will prove invaluable to the reader.

In line with earlier books in this well-known series the book is written in a light almost flippant style which still manages to convey its message in a dignified way. The earlier titles of this series have been very successful proved to be best sellers in their field and I am sure that this new addition to the range will prove equally successful.

In short this book should be on the shelf of every EFTer and should be the first book read by newcomers to the therapy.

It is published by Wiley in UK and America at £15.99 ($29.99) with ISBN 978-0-470-75876-2.

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