Inner RePatterning: resolution of grief in one hour

inner repatterning

I recently wrote an article on how Inner RePatterning helped a mother resolve her grief after the loss of her child.

by Tania A Prince

The mother had buried her grief for 25 years, unable to deal with the raw pain of the experience. In the article she shared her experience about how a one-hour Inner RePatterning session totally released her pain, leaving her reconnecting to love when she thought about her child.

Psoriasis, gum disease and neck problem massively improved

After two more sessions, in which we worked on issues around other areas of the client’s life using Inner RePatterning, she reported that the psoriasis that she had had from the age of 2 had nearly completely gone. Alongside that, gum disease brought on by a ‘weakened immune system’ was also no longer there.

To top it all off, a neck problem for which she had been having chiropractor treatment for a long time, also went.

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Tania A Prince
EFT master
Creator of Inner RePatterning with co-developer June K Spencer
More information on Inner RePatterning can be found at

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