Making time for a transformation

Penny Croal

Do you remember a time when you went to the doctors and they listened and asked about your life and what was going on with your job, your family?

by Penny Croal

Doctors had time in those days. Now, sadly, many are unable to take the time in their own surgeries. In London, for example, they have seven minutes in which to see a patient, make a diagnosis and write a prescription.

Many of my clients feel that the doctor’s diagnosis of cancer or serious disease or any diagnosis was laconic, and lacking empathy or compassion.

I don’t blame the medical profession. Pressure on time in modern society, combined with overuse of the NHS, have burdened doctors with waiting lists.

However along the way, we have perhaps forgotten about the need for compassion and also the mind-body connection, that stress DOES lead to illness. Science seems to have taken over. ‘Here take a pill, it will be OK’ or ‘Oops, no treatment for you’. Trials of double blind studies showing pharmaceutical drugs have the cure.

Even though there are thousands of scientific articles proving that pharmaceuticals are not the only route, many of these are still disregarded. However, try telling someone who is in chronic pain, or has been told that they have only two months, days, or years to live about the facts about a double blind study: do they care?

To them these are meaningless words. They are most probably in fight or flight or even freeze response, they only have that primal need to survive.

Therefore, even though EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are not talking therapies, sometimes tapping and talking and having that ear, someone who can hold that space for them and then ask them what they want.

If they truly want to transform, this is what it takes to heal themselves of stage 4 cancer or MS. Dr Gabor Maté says that prescriptions come from the outside of the body, transformations come from the inside. This is so true and thus to make it easier we have the knowledge to actually find out specific conflicts of their illness.

This in itself can be curative as their awareness grows. Knowing what is happening to the body is a relief: realising that they have not been punished, they have not caused this themselves. Realising, too, that perhaps because they have not been able to speak out all these years, the body is making up for it now.

Wow, this is a new science – a science that connects body, mind, spirit and environment and invites us to look at the process. Once people know about this science - META-Health, formerly known as META-Medicine – they can also let go of that fear. Cancer does not have to kill me, they realise, MS does not have to cripple me.

They now have a freedom of choice: they do not have to simply treat the symptoms, they can treat the cause and invite themselves on a healing journey that they are responsible for. How empowering is that?

Sometimes it can be as simple as a pimple, knowing that it was caused by a perception of being attacked or disgusted at someone’s behaviour towards you can lead to defilement. And, even more exciting is that the person could not defend themselves so the body is doing it for us. How exciting is that?!

To give another example – melanoma of the skin: finding out that they felt attacked behind their back or even physically. A sudden increase in weight, but no amount of exercise is getting rid of it. Has your client been abandoned, thrown out of house or lost their job? Then we can look at the kidneys and the excessive water that the body is holding onto.

We can be really specific here and that is what will lead you to allowing yourself to become an expert in the health field specificity.

Of course, you may ask why doesn’t everyone have the same disease when suffering the same trauma. Well, perhaps we can look at the vendors from Thailand or India, where I have tried in vain to buy a skirt in pink and they come out with trousers. “Same same but different,” they cry. It’s just as with us human beings: we are all the same same but different. We have different perceptions, and different beliefs: we view the world differently through different spectacles.

Penny Croal is one of only three master Meta-Health trainers in the UK and has trained EFT and Matrix Reimprinting internationally.

Penny invites you to contact her for a chat or any questions that you may have. She runs two-day introduction workshops in a simple fun manner. To learn more about Meta-Health, look out for her upcoming 10-day trainings. Investment is £295 per person or £500 for two – so why not bring a friend!

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