EFT for a ‘non-functional’ gall bladder

Ilana Weiler

Recently I gave an EFT Level 1 workshop and as it was a small group I did a few short demonstrations. I LOVE those demonstrations. They are always challenging and bring the most creative parts of me into the front line. Knowing that I only have about 10-15 minutes maximum, yet aiming it to be a meaningful experience for  the client and the group.

by Ilana Weiler

One sweet red-haired woman had an operation scheduled as her gall bladder was ‘not functioning’.

Before starting I asked her if she has any idea what is it connected to. She immediately said: “To my childhood memories, that are filled with anger.”

Now, you know, there are 1,001 options to start dealing with it. And here is what we did.

The the main tool I used is open questions.

First round:

“Even though my gall bladder is not functioning I love and accept myself, body and spirit.”

Tapping the reminder phrase on each point – gall bladder not functioning.

Second round

“Even though my gall bladder is not functioning because ... because it has taken upon itself all the bitterness.” (In Hebrew the name for gall bladder , literally translated as the ‘pocket of bitterness).


So we continue the sentence

“Even though my gall bladder is not functioning ... because it has taken upon itself all the bitterness, I fully and deeply love and accept myself.”

Tapping on all points the phrases ‘gall bladder is not functioning, it took upon itself all the bitterness.’

Third round

“And even though my gall bladder is not functioning because it has taken upon itself all the bitterness, otherwise...

“Otherwise I would break down...

“I deeply love and accept all of me.”

While tapping all the points, repeating the reminder phrase ‘otherwise I would break down’, tears running down her face, she is quiet, calm,.. I tap without saying anything, just let her be with that for a short moment.

Time for closure. Remember, it is just a demonstration.

“Even though my gall bladder is not functioning ... because it has has taken upon itself all the bitterness, otherwise I would break down

“I accept my gall bladder and want to thank it for caring so much for me, and I love and accept the whole of me.”

Tapping all points:

“Love and accept the whole of me,
“Thank you my bladder,
“I thank my bladder
“For taking all that upon itself
“For helping me not to break down
“What a sweet gall bladder
“What a clever gall bladder
“What a compassionate gall bladder, caring so much for me.”

She smiles, her eyes are closed, I can feel the energy shift, can feel it in my heart... 

Deep breath. Finished.

I felt in that short time, I had the privilege to create a fantastic shift in that woman. She will still need the operation and we did not investigate any of her childhood memories, no specific event but I have no doubt that the whole inner energy and inner talk has shifted dramatically and, under the circumstances, this is a huge success in my eyes.

It made me reframe success, and reframe my goals from the demonstrations.


I am sure this can give you some great ideas, because it was so short and not complicated. It certainly gave me a wonderful understanding, in retrospective, of what my intuition knew on its own.

Ilana Weiler


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