EFT for unexplained illness – five steps to real healing


Sometimes an illness is unexplained. You don’t know what is causing your condition or how it can be treated. It happened to me. A couple of years ago I experienced some major skin problems and my dermatologist was not able to provide a diagnosis. No matter what I tried, this condition would not go away and I began to despair. Of course, everyone should consult their doctor in the event of any illness, but what do you do when your illness is unexplained?

by Dawn Moore

I took these five steps and my skin is now healthy, so I will share them with you:

1. Cut out toxins

It seems obvious, but many people simply don’t realise the huge effect that even small dietary changes can have. For instance, intake of certain artificial sweeteners has been shown to destroy healthy bacteria in the body, leading to illness 1. Make it your aim to support your body by eating a balanced diet, free from toxic substances. If you suspect an allergy, take the time to eliminate certain foods to see if there is any positive effect. Include foods which are nutrient rich, from many different food groups, to support your body’s own powerful healing mechanisms.*

2. Deal with your stress

Stress has been shown to be a significant factor in the development of many illnesses 2. To deal with your stress you may need to make significant changes to your lifestyle. Stress is still something I consciously deal with every day. I make a deliberate choice to spend a certain amount of time relaxing and meditating. Emotional Freedom Techniques is a powerful tool for stress management, so seeking a suitable EFT practitioner to help you with stress reduction is advisable.

You may need to look at underlying influences, such as life events which are still affecting you. I help my clients to deal with stress issues they encounter in life. For example, one client who suffered from chronic social stress found that after just one session she felt ‘lighter’ and that a ‘burden was lifted’, enabling her to approach certain situations more calmly.

So you are supporting your healing with diet and stress reduction. You’ve seen doctors for advice and medication. What do you do if the problem is still there?

3. Look closely at when the problem began

Did you know that research has been conducted which links life events to development of illness?3.  Louise Hay, in her book You can Heal Your Life, suggests that emotional states and the life events which caused them can be a direct cause of bodily conditions4.

Ask yourself: What was happening in my life when this problem started? If I could think of an emotional cause to this problem what would it be? How does this problem make me FEEL?

My skin rash made me feel irritated, tired and powerless, which were the exact feelings I was having within my relationship at that time. Using EFT I reduced my negative emotions and blockages around the issue and my rash gradually faded in the following weeks.

4. Find out what you believe about your illness

Do you believe you will ever be well?  Do you believe that this problem will ever go away? Our underlying beliefs affect our bodily healing.

We all know about the placebo effect. If people are given a sugar pill and told it is a powerful drug, they will often get better. In 2002, The New England Journal of Medicine reported a study of 180 patients with painful arthritis in their knees. One group was given a real operation on the knee, the control group was given a sham operation, where the patients were sedated and a small incision was made but no actual operation was carried out. Both groups showed the same recovery rates5.

You can address any unhelpful beliefs you might have and bring yourself to powerfully believe in your own healing. Unfortunately, we are not always aware of our underlying beliefs. Some therapies such as EFT are able to address any false beliefs we are carrying and effectively reprogramme our mind to believe in healing, rather than sickness. Find something that works for you so that you can address any possible patterns of thinking which are interfering with your healing.

5. Move forward with joy and laughter

Bringing happiness and laughter into your life is powerfully healing. Try not to obsess about the condition you have. It is also helpful to start to view physical pains as healing markers**. I’ve had surgery many times and when in pain, I would say to my body “thank you for my healing”.

Be grateful. Look for things to laugh about. One thing I love to live by is ‘nothing is more important than that I feel good’. This little mantra helps me to stop obsessing about negatives and start thinking about what I can do that day which will lift me up and make me feel happy.

* Any dietary change should be discussed with a doctor first.
** Always see your doctor with pain that persists.

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Dawn is an AAMET approved EFT practitioner based in Leigh, Lancashire, offering face to face, telephone or SKYPE consultations.

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