Personal empowerment: the key to our inner universe

Catherine Dixon

All great teachers agree on this eternal truth: to find your truth, look within. The intellectual mind is a predictive tool to help us make assessments and decisions based on prior experience and without this we would not have survived let alone evolved as a species. Yet there is a tendency to favour the intellect’s rational intelligence over intuitive intelligence. With logic we can measure our thinking processes to provide evidence for our decisions, yet intuition is an inner knowing delivered without the working out process.

by Catherine Dixon

There is a life force within your soul
That seeks life
Oh traveller, if you are in search of
Don’t look outside
Look inside yourself and seek

It takes significant experiences to teach us to trust our intuition and the wisdom of our heart. In the summer of 2008 I had one of those experiences. Someone I had loved very much abruptly left my life. I felt as though I had been hit around my neck with an iron crow bar and there was a void in my chest whenever I breathed. I found it difficult to reconnect to the world and my loss and confusion consumed me. Yet through this period of intense growth and healing I learnt to trust my inner knower.

Through the meditation and chi kung practice, I felt a shift back into life. For the first time in months I noticed my surroundings – the trees and flowers and the vibrant colors of the grass and sky. My experience of my outer world was now a beautiful, enriched one because I felt peaceful inside so my perception altered my reality, I was certain that the master key to trusting intuition if not innate develops through meditation.

I came up with a simple approach on which to hang all the mediation tools:

  1. Accept and heal your past
  2. Empower the present through presence
  3. Create a hopeful and inspiring future through keeping your focus on what you want to attract

Personal Empowerment, Energy and the Law of Attraction

Our attitude, thoughts and lifestyle, how we deal with stress, how we understand and process our emotions and our level of self-worth all affect our energy levels in both positive and negative ways. A positive mind-set has a higher vibrational frequency than a negative one. There is more creative power in love, joy, optimism and enthusiasm than in despondency, depression and grief. This is not a judgment that those emotions need to be avoided and it is healthy for us to be able to contact our authentic feelings and emotions, yet staying stuck in these states for prolonged periods drain our energy and ability to respond creatively to challenging situations.

This phenomenon is known as the Law of Attraction. It is a metaphysical, natural and scientific law that is operating whether we believe it or not. According to many self-development/spiritual gurus, manifesting what you want using the Law of Attraction is simple. Release your worry, negative thinking and limiting beliefs chant your positive affirmations and look at a vision board containing all the things you desire and they will come to you.

This is an elegant and seductive theory yet most people who have managed to make it work for them have done an awful lot of work on themselves! This work begins with an awareness of the true nature of your resistance.

What limits our personal power?

Resistance comes in the form of denial, ambiguity, negativity, procrastination, chronic self doubt and very low self worth. It has many other faces too. It can be found in all addictions of any nature: obsessions, prescription drugs, pornography, prolonged stress and gambling and toxic relationships. It can also be found in mindless activity and continual distraction and excessive materialism. All of these conditions drain our sense of personal power because we are looking for the source of our power outside ourselves.

Chi kung meditation: the master key to personal power

To shift from cognition into awareness we need a practice that allows us to create a state of balanced awareness. Chi Kung meditations are based on ancient Chinese knowledge. Chi Kung’s profound heritage and wisdom provides the new meridian energy techniques with gravitas and a working model of energy that has not been surpassed for thousands of years. Meridian energy therapies provide Chi Kung with a new context and practical relevance. This is a powerful alliance with much potential.

The ancient Chinese believed that mankind was affected by the same forces as the rest of the natural world rather than being a detached observer of it. Change was an ongoing and natural process and to live in harmony humans needed to flow with it. The healing work of qigong (chi Kung), acupuncture and Chinese herbs and special meditations all followed the principle that energy flow is essential to good health.

Traditional Chinese medicine maintains that there is a direct correlation between negative emotions and the eventual deterioration of the visceral organs. The five elemental energies of water, wood, earth, metal and fire correlate to the 12 meridian channels. Each meridian represents an internal organ with a distinct emotional profile.

Wood energy, represented by the liver and gall bladder meridians, is related to depression, anger and frustration when out of balance and optimism and dynamism and motivation when in harmony. Harnessing the fire energy of the heart and small intestine liberates expression, joy and creativity from confusion and scattered thinking. Balancing the metal energy of the lung and large intestine enables us to communicate clearly and let go of grief and the past. Calming or stimulating the earth energy of the spleen and stomach releases worry and obsessive thoughts so we become stable grounded, kind and nurturing. When our water energy found in the kidney and bladder channels are in harmony we feel peaceful and in our flow yet when this is out of balance we can feel deep fear and stress.

The mediations of five element Chi Kung principles are practical and effective. The elements found in nature are in our body and energy field.

The three power centres

The three dan tiens are the body’s energetic reservoirs and power batteries. If we fill them up every day we have plenty in reserve. The lower dan tien, located in the lower abdomen, is the body’s most important energy centre and the one most frequently referred to in qigong practices. This cavity holds and stores jing (ancestral essence) and is connected to our sexuality. Psychologically, it functions as our sense of stability and balance. Meditation on this centre brings up our energy, sense of self worth, sense of being and will power.

The middle dan tien cavity is located at heart level and is associated with respiration and the health of the internal organs. The middle dan tien has the strongest emotional connection and interaction.

The upper dantien, located between the eyebrows, is the body’s spiritual centre. It holds our conscious and psychic energy also known as shen.

The upper dantien is the psychic and spiritual centre. In the centre of the brain is a small gland called the pineal gland. When we meditate on this centre, it gradually opens and we bring in more light and expand our awareness.

A simple daily meditation with posture can help us tap into our three power centres and balance the energy in the body. This helps us feel the nature of the resistance. We have tools like EFT and Emotrance to clear that resistance. This I believe is the very best combination to tap into our personal power and with that, we have everything we need to connect to each other.

Master EFT practitioner and EFT trainer with the AMT Catherine Dixon helps people to empower their lives, businesses and wellbeing. Her curious mind and natural problem solving ability combine into a creative, practical and results-driven approach. She integrates her knowledge of meditation, positive psychology, hypnotherapy, NLP, acupuncture, chi kung, shiatsu and other healing practices.
Catherine teaches meditation classes at Evolve in South Kensington and holds regular workshops, talks and seminars. She published Empower Your Life in 2011 and contributes to Volume 4 of the Mental Health, published by Radcliffe-Oxford 2011 as well as several online publications and journals.
email: catherine email
phone: 07798 650815

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