How to get more of what you want – part 2: knowing what you want


Think about a GPS, or SatNav. Maybe you have one on your phone or your car. You know, that device that uses maps (and sometimes satellites in space) to guide you from A to B.

by Bennie Naudé

The next time you look at it, notice that it does not have a button on it that says ‘Random Destination’.

The reason it doesn’t have this button is because it will be of very little use in that it’s unlikely to get you where you want to be. Think about it: if you wanted to get to a particular address, pressing ‘Random Destination’ is unlikely to take you there, right?

And if a GPS were to take you somewhere random, it may not be close to where you wanted to be, or the type of place you like.

Yet that’s how a lot of people live life, hoping that somehow, some day, they’ll wake up and as if my magic, everything will be different.

No. The only way a GPS can take you where you want is if you tell it exactly where you want to go.

You dont need to know:

  • where you are,
  • how you got to where you are now,
  • how the roads go,
  • how much traffic there is, or
  • what the best or shortest route is

No – all of that is the GPS’ job! The only thing you need for a GPS to guide you to where you want to go, is your end destination. That’s it!

Life is exactly the same.

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re unclear on your dreams because:

  • you don’t think you deserve it,
  • because you think it’s impossible,
  • because you’ve just never thought of it
  • or for any of these reasons I explain in this article. (click to read)

No, the only thing that matters is that you realise that no-one is coming to rescue you and that you decide that your dreams matter and that you matter.

Realise that the clock is ticking, and that as far we know, death will come for you, too. This life will probably never be the same again (not that I believe that death as we know it is the end of the road by any means – but that’s for another day).

Realise that it always has been and always will be up to you, 100% you and only you.

You have free will, and you get to choose where you want to set your sails to in this life. There are no bystanders here, and no victims, and that’s just the way it is.


Even though connecting with your dreams does not guarantee that they will happen, not knowing what you want is a sure way for them not to happen.

As the saying goes…

‘Vision without action is a daydream;
action without vision is a nightmare.’

Why not allow yourself to get clear on what you want? Ignore (just for now) any voices that may tell you it won’t ever happen, that you don’t deserve it, and write down how you’d like your life to be, in the finest details.

Read it every day for a month, change it until it is just so the way you’d love it to be, because it’s the first step to creating it just so.


3 x on the karate chop: ‘Even though I haven’t allowed myself to know what I really want in my life, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway’

Tapping through all the points:

  • - I don’t know what I want
  • - I didn’t know that I could choose!
  • - I’m not sure it works that way
  • - You mean it’s possible that I’m not a bystander or a victim to life?
  • - It seems pretty risky to me to say what I want
  • - Because what if I don’t get it?
  • - I’ll just be disappointed (again)
  • - I think it’s better to just pretend I don’t want anything
  • - I probably don’t deserve what I truly, really want anyway
  • - My dreams are impossible
  • - They can never happen
  • - They told me to stop dreaming and get realistic, so I did
  • - It seems risky to dream
  • - Because allowing myself to dream is no guarantee that my dreams will come true
  • - It’s just that NOT dreaming is an absolute guarantee they won’t come true
  • - I’m just not sure I want to get my hopes up again
  • - It’s recession
  • - This is no time for dreaming ...
  • - The truth is that more people than ever before are realising that they have a lot more power than they were ever taught
  • - What if I was responsible for my own life
  • - Everything in it
  • - And everything not in it
  • - Now THERE’s a thought!
  • - I’m sure it’s not that easy
  • - But maybe, just for fun, I can allow myself to dream big
  • - I don’t have to believe that it’ll happen (yet)
  • - Just giving myself permission to dream for a while
  • - And to start getting clearer on how I want my life to be
  • - Because that’s the way to create my life the way I want it to be.

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Best wishes add see you in Part 03!

Bennie Naudé

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