The law of attracting Olympics tickets


The Law of Attraction can work in funny ways, as Alan and Jenny Cox discovered during the sunny days of the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

by Alan Cox

In the run up to the summer Olympic Games, the couple had volunteered as Olympic ambassadors in Coventry, their home town.

After arranging with a friend to meet in London, Jenny decided to apply for tickets to the Paralympic events but, in common with many, without success. On the train journey, she struck up a conversation with a fellow passenger, JJ, who regaled her with stories about his fabulous experiences at the Olympic athletes’ village, as well as how much he was looking forward to returning a few days later.

Though she was pleased for him, Jenny also felt pangs of jealousy.

“She told me about it, and we agreed how exciting it would be if we could visit the Olympics,” Alan says.

“It never ceases to amaze me how quickly things come your way when you ask for it. A few days later we opened a text from Jenny’s new friend, JJ, saying he had two spare tickets for the same day – if we could get there.

“We sprang into action and shortly afterward we were on a Megabus and on our way. We only had access to the Olympic park itself, but it still was a fabulous experience and, just as in Coventry, the atmosphere was really special.

“Everyone we met was really upbeat and in a party mood. This mood was carried into the new Stratford shopping centre and even in the West End and Trafalgar Square the feeling was still there.

“Now I have tried to explain this feeling. Do we have to wait for a great event to take place to feel it? I don’t think so. You often meet people who always seem upbeat, and I believe you can become this way yourself. We are finding more and more about vibrational energy and how, if we change ourselves, the world around us will change.

“In his book Professor Fred Alan Wolf’s take is: there is no ‘out there’, unless there is first and primary an ‘in here’. So how do we change ourselves or change ‘in here’? I think using The Balance Procedure as a daily practiCe is a good way to start.”

Alan Cox
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