Lee Ann’s traumatic birth session


Lee Ann and her husband Joel had suffered a very traumatic birth experience with her first child Lyla two years previously. At the time of writing to me she believed she only had three weeks left before her second child Mia was due to be born. They were both feeling very anxious and nervous about the forth-coming birth and asked if I could I help them transform these feelings, as she really wanted to have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after C-section). I knew that I had to help them but I had no idea just how traumatic that first birth truly was. It turned out we only had three consecutive EFT/Matrix Reimprinting sessions to release the trauma of the first birth and prepare Lee Ann for the birth of her second child.

by Sharon King

This is Lee Ann’s story: Lee Ann and her husband live in Florida USA. The birth of their first child did not go to plan at all. It started when the doctor asked her to come into hospital to be induced (synthetic hormone drugs used to start the birth process) because he was going away on holiday and wanted to make sure her baby was born before he went away. As soon as she arrived she was put on Pitocin, the artificial hormone that triggers labour, and her waters were artificially broken. After 12 hours of very strong painful labour her doctor told her she was still only 3cm dilated: the cervix needs to be 10cm before the baby can be born, and advised her to have an epidural. Half an hour earlier the nurse had told Lee Ann she was 6cm dilated. She later came back and appologised for getting it wrong, after speaking to the doctor outside the room.

The doctor then advised Lee Ann again to have an epidural so she would feel no more labour pains. Lee Ann didn’t want this, but went with her doctor’s advice. Lee Ann reported to her doctor that the epidural had only anesthetised the right side of her abdomen and she could still feel the contractions on the left side, but nobody seemed to listen to her. After a while the doctor told her she needed a C-section because Lyla’s head was starting to swell. This news made them very fearful, as it would any parents, because it could be endangering Lyla’s life, so they agreed to the C-section.

Lee Ann was taken to the operating theatre and the rest of the story is in Lee Ann’s own words:

“After I being prepped my husband walks into the room and the doctor started checking to see if I still had feeling on my stomach. He asked two questions ‘are you feeling this?’ and ‘is it sharp?‘. I replied yes to both. Before I knew it I was being cut open and feeling everything. I felt like my exposed organs were being set on fire. I screamed and threw up bile. My husband was hysterical. Then they said I was going to go into cardiac arrest, I remember them saying that my pressure was 180/ something (Lee Ann doesn’t remember the lower figure). My daughter was already in my cervix. They had a tough time getting her out. All the while I’m screaming, my husband crying and the anesthesiologist kept pressing the button in his hand to up the doses. Eventually I heard her first cry and then I was knocked out. It was the last thing I remember until I woke up 3 hours later.”

In the first two sessions we worked on Lee Ann’s feelings of anger towards the doctor because of his need to control and induce the labour. We also worked on the nurse having to come back into the room after being told by the doctor she got the dilation amount wrong, which Lee Ann believes she did not. We cleared the fear of being told her baby’s head was swollen and worked with herself back at the time to help her come to the understanding they were doing the best they could and really she had no choice under the circumstances. We also prepared her for the forthcoming C-section, each time taking Lee Ann to a place of empowerment and reimprinting herself with golden yellow energy. We also worked on her husband in the Matrix too, helping him come to a place of understanding, acceptance and peace with the choices they made.

The third session was really interesting as at the start of the session Lee Ann told me her mucus plug was coming away and the contractions had started, which she was delighted with, as she had not got to experience this beginning stage last time. So now feeling that we had very little time left to clear the remaining trauma we went straight to her – or her ECHO Energy Consciousness Hologram as we call it in Matrix Reimprinting, and did EFT tapping on her ECHO for the shock, pain and terror she was holding in her body during the C-section. We also worked on Joel for all his shock at witnessing this and we worked on baby Lyla, too, releasing the shock she was experiencing. Once all the terror, shock and pain was released Lee Ann’s Echo was able to receive her baby into the world and bond with her right at the point of birth. Under normal circumstances I would guide the mother and baby back through a normal birth with Matrix Birth Reimprinting but it felt right to have her bond with her baby just as it was. We reimprinted that picture of her and her husband bonding with Lyla there in the operating room.

We still had a little time left before Lee Ann had to go to the hospital so we carried on the session and I asked her to connect and communicate with her new baby, Mia, who was very much on her way, and showed her how her natural birth was going to be, using the Future Birth Reimprinting technique. We then tested the work we had done over the three sessions and Lee Ann was able to look back on the birth experience with Lyla with a peaceful feeling knowing she did her best and having the new picture in her mind of bonding with Lyla at birth.

I then received the following two emails from Lee Ann on the birth of baby Mia.

31 May 2012
Just wanted to let you know that I started labour. They are coming 5 mins apart for the last 2 hours but too intense. I wanted to thank you for everything. You are truly an amazing person. You have brought me to an amazing state of mind and helped me empower myself to go through this amazing process. I am extremely excited for what comes next. I’ll write as soon as I can. Thank you so much.
Lee Ann

9 June 2012
The birth went really well. Everything I anticipated and more. However Mia did end up in the ncui (intensive care) for 3 days. The doctor said she had an abnormal stomach because she wasn’t having a bowel movement and to stop all feedings for 2 days. The doctor told us she may need surgery after seeing her x-ray. It was pretty brutal on her. Turns out she was perfectly healthy and had her first bowel movement during the last hours of labor but it wasn’t recorded. All in all I had an amazing birth experience and a healthy beautiful baby. Thanks Sharon.
Lee Ann

Video clip

Lee Ann shares her experience of Mia’s birth and describes how her sessions clearing Lyla’s birth helped her keep out of fear and in her power during the birth.

Sharon King
Matrix Reimprinting trainer and creator of Matrix Birth Reimprinting
Sharon is presenting her Matrix Birth Reimprinting/Life Purpose/Introduction to Colour workshop in Bolton at the Mercure Hotel, 5-7 October 2012
Website: www.magicalnewbeginnings.com
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