Penny’s monthly swap shop whys and hows

Penny Croal

One of the reasons Penny Croal was drawn to EFT was not only because it worked, it was the community spirit. The actual feeling and now knowing for certain that we are all connected.

It is interesting that so many of us have chosen to become practitioners, therapists or facilitators due to the fact we LOVE people.

Yet that choice alone can be a lonely path to walk. Starting up your own business, you have to become the marketer, accountant, self motivator, advertiser, self-made PR agent, to name but a few. All of this to do on YOUR OWN!

Then on top of that the clients and different issues, not enough money, those lingering beliefs that you are not good enough, you are not a good talker so cannot present in public, where do you start?? Confused, overwhelmed – and that is just the start for the average person.

Penny started her swap groups in order not only to get rid of these limiting beliefs (and, yes, remember that life is a journey and perhaps it would get slightly boring if we were all perfect and had peeled the onion back). We can network, learn something more from one of the excellent guest speakers and, thanks to the beauty of EFT/Matrix Reimprinting, we can start adding a little of this and a little of that, so that we ourselves can become the amazing therapist that we truly wish to be.

A mixed bag of a day, every month has a different flavour. Sometimes it is just nice to sit and chat with other people who are going through the same thing. After all therapists are human beings and are the same, but different. And we do not need to be on our own. We have an amazing link called EFT and we can therefore share our own success stories, as well as those not so successful stories, listen, learn and love.

The environment is safe, a little Las Vegas in style at least at my own Swap Shops – what goes on there stays there! Matter of factly I share her own mistakes, errors of ways in business and her clients stories (all confidential name changed) with a bit of her dry humour she shares her beliefs and how we could all benefit from building a community.

Past guest speakers have included Ted ‘The Tapper’ Wilmont sharing his view on primal fear, having tapped with thousands of clients. Cathy Dixon, who shared Qi Jong and working with the energy system, is a published author and acupuncturist. Steve Boyce shared how to negotiate through any given circumstance whether business or professional and negotiate from the heart.

In order for those swap shops to exist we need you! Interested in popping along and joining in the community spirit sharing tears, laughter and chats? Location West London. Investment is £30 covering lunch, biscuits, tea and coffee all included and you pick your own therapist. Get in touch with Penny via her website.

What others have said:

Thank you so much for Saturday. It was great to meet you all properly The opportunity to meet like minded people in a relaxed, safe way feels really valuable to me – and there is a different dynamic in an on-going group than a one-off workshop.
R Sanderson

What a relaxed, informative morning….cleared some things didn’t even know I was there and loved pennys fun approach to new learnings…great people, great mornings. Paula Dixon

Penny Croal
After running several successful companies with that self sabotaging pattern, Penny knew she had to change and her personal goals and curiousty led her to NLP, PSYCH-K, Colour Mirrors, Tarot, reiki, EFT AND Matrix Reimprinting, the latter being her true love alongside Meta-Medicine.

For the past five years Pennny’s speciality has been serious disease, and she is now looking at Midlife, especially the health aspects in woman. She has trained EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Meta-Medicine from India to Las Vegas, and loves to hear people laugh. Her soon to be released book, Human Peel, documents the conflicts of skin disease and why touch is so important in our community.

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