Getting more of what you want – Part 1: introduction

bennie naude

Bennie Naudé shares an amazing procedure that has significantly changed his own life and the lives of many others, that he believes we can also apply to our own life in no time.

by Bennie Naudé

Did you hear about the person they discovered last week who’s achieved their full potential? Yes, apparently they’d reached their full physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual capacity and have now achieved and experienced all there is to experience!

Well, truth be told, neither did I.

Have you ever thought about this: how many people do you know who can absolutely say hand on heart that they have reached their full potential, that there is nothing more for them to grow into?

And you? How about you? How much of your potential are you living right now, here, today? Are you still waiting for someone or something (although you may not be quite sure what you’re waiting for) before you take the next step up?

If it is true that you are not living your full potential – I don’t believe anyone on the planet is – then surely that means that there is room for you to grow; room to expand, create and experience more.

Due to the work I do, the types of books I read and the type of people I choose to hang out with, a lot of my energy is focused around the best ways for people to create the lives they want, starting of course with me – because I believe the best way to teach is from experience and the best way to lead is by example.

I am constantly listening, learning and deepening my own understanding of how this amazing universe that we live in works, and how to best help people understand that they are not (as most of us have been taught) simply bystanders to life, but they actively create their own realities.

Because sometimes one of the most effective ways to learn what does work is to see what doesn’t work so well – that is exactly what I’ll do in this series. Every week I’ll highlight one aspect where people routinely trip themselves up every day and behave in ways that is actually counterproductive to their dreams and gets in the way of them having what they want.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the ‘Law of Attraction’? Well what I’m going to share with you those things that you may be doing – knowingly or unknowingly – that is actually blocking your creativity and your ability to create your dreams.

I do not call these ‘mistakes’ because I do not believe in the concept of mistakes; instead, I look at it as the law of cause and effect – your approach to life absolutely affects what you create in it and how you experience it.

Before we start exploring this, you may want to have a quick peek at the most common reasons why people do not allow themselves to be clear on what they want or give up on their dreams, here (will open in a new window).

So over the next few weeks you’ll have the opportunity to discover the main pretty-much-guaranteed ways to give up on your dreams, and more importantly, what to do instead to get more of what you want in your life!

You can tell yourself that you don’t have the time to read it and do the simple exercises that I’ll give you – and you’ll get to be right.

You can tell yourself that it probably won’t work for you, and you’ll get to be right.

You can tell yourself that you’ll do it later, knowing that ‘later’ rarely comes.

Or you can simply decide that you are important enough, that your dreams are important enough; you can decide that since you get ONE chance at the life that you’re living now, you’re willing to whatever it takes to make the most of it.

Either way, whatever you decide, is of course fine because there is no good, no bad, no right and no wrong; just consequences!

See Bennie’s accompanying video.

Bennie Naudé
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