Inner Repatterning and pain

inner repatterning

Having the ability to feel pain is crucial to life. It can serve to warn us if something is wrong and thus help us take the appropriate action. For example, if we fall and break our leg, the pain we experience leads us to protect the leg and give it time to heal. Chronic pain that isn’t serving us however can destroy lives!

by Tania A Prince

Inner RePatterning – what is it?

Inner RePatterning is a mindfulness, energy therapy technique. It was developed from EFT. It is easy to use. It does not require analysis of the ‘the problem’. Nor does it require that you talk about how it developed. Instead it works from how you know you have a problem. For example, with pain you are experiencing physical discomfort. This is how you know you have this problem.

It has been used on many issues, including autism, anxiety, depression, anger. Because Inner RePatterning does not require much information gathering in order to work on problems, it can often be a quick intervention. I would like to share some of the feedback we have been receiving.

Post cancer operation pain

“I had pain in my shoulder since 2006, when I had three lumpectomies. I tried the Alexander technique for several years, had craneo sacral therapy, shiatsu, healing, you name it ... and a five-minute group session (using Inner RePatterning) cleared it 90%. The craneo sacral therapist told me: ‘Well, you had three operations on that side; it will probably never be like the other shoulder.’ I guess, I need to work on that belief to make it 100% cleared.

“I feel so open now. My chest is so much softer, I walk with more ease, I am much more aligned and in balance. I feel more confident and I am on a different energy level. I have done many self development courses, but yours is by far the best, life changing.”

(After this she went on to clear the pain 100%)

Pain relief from broken jaw and torn facial muscles

‘L’ had been diagnosed with temporomandibular joint disorder with trismus and had been in severe pain for two years. She had given up on finding a solution to this problem.

She was taking 10 maximum strength co-codamol a day; even then it was making minimal impact. She had a constant severe headache; the co-codamol was only able to take the edge off it.

The pain alleviated dramatically during an Inner RePatterning training in Manchester. In follow ups since the course, (this was about 5 months ago at the time of writing) she occasionally experienced mild discomfort and just used Inner RePatterning and sometimes one co-codamol to deal with it.

Tania A Prince
EFT master
Creator of Inner RePatterning with co-developer June K Spencer
More information on Inner RePatterning can be found at

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