Why heal trauma?


Trauma happens. We cannot get away from it. Whether it is someone who tells us to shut up, being slapped or bullied, an accident, or even full-blown verbal, physical or sexual abuse. In some cases it can be unexpected events like a marriage break-up, job loss, heart-ache, loss of a loved one or being diagnosed with an illness.

by Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri

Trauma is traumatic. What matters is healing what happened and coming to peace with it. Studies have shown unhealed trauma and hurt can lead to low self-esteem, lack of confidence, illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and lung diseases.

Traumatic incidents can cause physical pain, upset, anger and hurt. With trauma it is common to experience a myriad of emotions, including:

  • Hurt, anger, frustration
  • Shock, sadness, disappointment
  • Powerlessness, regret, guilt
  • Fear, depression, loneliness
  • Shame, grief, lowness

These emotions can get stored within our cell memories and in addition to illness can create limitations, blocks, fears and shut-downs. With trauma it is very common to feel shock. What form of trauma, hurt or emotional upset have you experienced that is not yet healed? Or may be, you know someone with unhealed trauma or hurt?

As an advanced practitioner and trainer of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and having worked with thousands of clients across the world, I have noticed trauma is very common and in many cases people just learn to live with it and without healing it.

With Emotional Freedom Techniques there are many ways of healing trauma effortlessly depending on the intensity of the trauma:

  • Tell the story – narrating the old event and then tapping in a specific sequence to come to peace with the old event
  • Movie Technique – distancing the yourself or the client from the event
  • Tearless Trauma & Keyword –– for healing more severe trauma to release trauma in a gentle and practical way
  • Matrix re-imprinting – this is the latest advancement of EFT and it clears powerlessness, helplessness, shock as well as instils empowering resources combined with forgiveness

As part of Vitality Living College I teach each of these techniques in a step-by-step manner during EFT & Matrix Reimrpinting Training. For example on:

  • EFT 1 – tell the story for a through step-by-step clearing
  • EFT 2 – Movie technique to clear negative emotions related to the incident
  • EFT 2 – Tearless Trauma and Keyword approach for a gentle and private clearing
  • Matrix Reimprinting – the empowering Matrix Reimprinting technique to clear the shock, powerlessness and helplessness and then instilling empowering emotions.

Once these techniques are learnt they can be used as part of a self-healing programme or to become a practitioner. For the latest schedule visit http://www.vitality-living.com/bookme.html

Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri has a PhD in Cancer Research from Oxford University and is an international speaker and trainer of EFT, NLP, Hypnosis & Coaching. She travels around the world delivering seminars, talks and workshops. Rangana is founder of Vitality Living College and committed to training practitioners, coaches and trainers in therapeutic, workshop facilitation and business skills so that they may have thriving practices.
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