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According to Wikipedia, the common cold is “the most frequent infectious disease in humans with the average adult contracting two to three colds a year and the average child contracting between six and twelve”. Maureen Fearon describes her own recent experience and how she coped with the symptoms.

by Maureen Fearon

I don’t do ill! Let’s get that straight from the start! Then blow me, guess what happened? Friday my throat felt dry and so I thought ‘note to self, drink plenty of water’.

I had been talking a lot this week and so that seemed fair. Early evening I touched the left side of my neck for some reason and experienced great pain. It was sore to touch, definite swollen glands I thought. Next morning I woke at 4.50 with the pain having spread to both sides of my neck and my throat was sore.

I put my iPod with Inner RePatterning on and soon fell back to sleep. I woke up not feeling my usual self but not as bad as expected.

Through the day I felt out of kilter, increasing sore throat and glands sore to touch. Later in the evening my chest felt under attack and ready for a potentially big infection. Two friends likened my symptoms to conditions they have had: one was in her fourth week of this bad cold/flu/respiratory infection, still full of it, while the other, ‘Mr Fitness’ had it for over three weeks.

There was no way I could have that, even though the symptoms would suggest that I may not be able to escape it. So I went to bed with Inner RePatterning – the good old iPod got me to sleep.

I woke in the night and had what seemed to be a water infection. I must have been for a tinkle at least 30 times in an hour, which was painful, too. While sat on the loo I did some EFT. I also took a glass of cranberry juice and then, despite my mind being sharp and over alert, Inner RePatterning got me to sleep.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling positively rubbish! I felt so weak that I couldn’t tap myself back to sleep as my arm was so heavy I could not tap. I wanted to do Inner RePatterning. So I gently rubbed the heart chakra instead of tapping (I have used this with some clients when they have had pain and discomfort tapping on the chest, for example, from scars from medical operations). I fell back asleep and used it each time I woke. I had to be fully fit for Monday to drive down to London and ready to deliver an energised training program.

Well I did not count how many times I used Inner RePatterning, it was a great ally in getting to sleep. I was so thankful that by Monday I felt much better. My voice though was not quite right. Late Monday afternoon it was threatening to go completely and that would have been disastrous. Once in the hotel my trusty friend Inner RePatterning was called upon. Tuesday morning I was completely ok.

I did a full days’ lively training and drove back to Manchester. I cannot tell you how thankful I felt. I can only explain it as having fast forwarded through what could have been a nasty condition, most people would call flu, lasting well over a week. I thank in order of importance:

  1. Inner RePatterning – takes first prize! I am convinced that was the key to this remarkable recovery
  2. My determination not to be ill and to allow myself to try Inner RePatterning and EFT
  3. The glass of cranberry
  4. A two-minute foot massage

Interestingly I did not take any medication, just some soothing sweets to calm the sore throat so that I could get to sleep.

So if you are ill, I suggest you try Inner RePatterning – it is gentle, adaptable to rubbing and sets the intention to continue healing. It was a great contributor as well as being effective to my unbelievable recovery and can be played as a cd/dvd/on recording devices like iPod and mobile phone.

Thank you Tania and June for developing the process. My friend who was in her fourth week was so amazed at my recovery, she is more open to Inner RePatterning – I can’t force the horse to drink the water, but at least she is thinking about drinking it.

If it works for me who knows what it may do for you when you need it? Maybe it’s just what the common cold needs to stop it!

Maureen Fearon
Personal Development, Emotional Management, Confidence Building &Relationship Success

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