Bringing EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and kinesiology together

Dominique Monette

Dominique Monette trained as a medical doctor, but has since become a leading light in the field of kinesiology and founded and directs the Institut Belge de Kinésiologie. Long-interested in energy work, she has recently recognised the benefits of teaching kinesiology in combination with EFT. EmotionalBuzz spoke to her about her work and goals.

How did you first become interested in kinesiology?

I was studying for my medical diploma when I had to take a year out because of sickness. During that time I became interested in naturopathy, but afterward continued medical school and completed my diploma in 1979.

However, I retained my interest in naturopathy and later studied it for six month in France. I also developed an interest in energy work, in particular kinesiology.

A turning point came when I discovered a book by Dr John Thie, Touch for Health, from which I learned the basics of lay learning on kinesiology. I eventually trained in several branches of applied kinesiology.

My kinesiology training included the Callahan technique and Emotional Tapping, which is used with muscle testing. In 2007 I studied for and took Gary Craig’s EFT Cert-I and EFT Cert-II.

What prompted you to set up the Belgian Institute of Kinesiology?

During my quest for knowledge in kinesiology and naturopathy, I discovered there really was very little available in French, and almost nothing at all here in Belgium. Back then, before the internet, it was very difficult even to find out more about the subject.

I hunted down everything I could and started translating it, and established contact with many international bodies in the field of kinesiology and with other branches as they developed.

I stopped practicing medicine on the December 31, 1989 before the birth of my first son, Patrick, to focus full time on kinesiology, although it took me two years to finally say goodbye. It isn't easy to run a medical practice, train kinesiology and bring up a family!

Having played a major role in introducing kinesiology to Belgium and the rest of French-speaking Europe – over the years I’ve translated probably more than 300 course manuals on kinesiology into French! – I saw the establishment of the Kinesiology School in 1986 as a logical next step.

Where is the institute and what do you do there?

ibk logo I started teaching kinesiology in several locations, including my medical office, and when I had the idea for the institute I chose Brussels. But I moved it to larger premises in the municipality of Rixensart, which is in the Belgian countryside about 22 kilometres from Brussels. We have two train stations so we’re well connected for transport and easy to reach.

We have three classrooms, two of which are used all through the year apart from holidays, and the same rooms are also available for accommodation, though most of our students either travel here or stay in one of the local B&Bs.

At Rixensart we offer three-year professional training for both lay people and kinesiology professionals. The programme is equivalent to European high school level. Our students come from all over Europe and the numbers of full time students varies – one year there were 24 in the programme, another year just 6. It probably depends on the economy, but we’re still one of the biggest kinesiology schools in Europe. Many people don’t follow the professional track as they can’t afford to complete the 3-4 year course.

Altogether we run up to 100 workshops a year, with 15-20 specialist teachers. For example, in January we invited Ted Wilmont from the UK to train a group of students in Matrix Reimprinting. Three other people work part time at the institute. Two are kinesiologists and the third is a webmaster. And we have a house cleaner who also functions in a house keeping role.

At the start we offered mainly kinesiology, and within it the Callahan technique, but in 1997 we introduced communications skills and energy psychology, and now kinesiology is only about 50 per cent of what we do.

Beside kinesiology and EFT, I provide practitioner training for Tipi and am a facilitator in French-speaking countries for Quantum Entrainment. Tipi (technique for the sensory identification of unconscious fears) is a simple, fast and very efficient technique for deactivating emotional and behavioural difficulties. I combine teaching EFT and Tipi with my teaching of kinesiology and I also use them in my practice.

I also trained in Family Constellation and Psychogenealogy. Then, in 2009, the institute began to offer a three-year Applied Energy Psychology training programme.

How does Matrix Reimprinting fit in with your other work?

My first experience of Matrix Reimprinting was through reading the book by Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby. My initial view of it was that it could be a new magic tool. I already appreciated a lot of what it means through kinesiology, but this application of EFT and how it fits in the broader picture was new to me. I intend to continue to introduce Matrix Reimprinting at the institute for sure, hopefully with training and workshops every year or so, and I hope to also introduce it when I teach EFT in France.

At our recent workshop the students really loved the Matrix Reimprinting material and felt it was very easy to use – the energy in the class was so high because of Ted’s loving energy. He’s an excellent teacher with a big heart. They were really motivated and look forward to doing more work of this kind. One student has already launched a French blog on Matrix Reimprinting and we expect this to gain interest as more people find out about this amazing technique.

What does the future hold for the institute?

We will continue add elements to our training programmes, and look for great people who can teach us new things.

The way I see it is that we don’t train therapists: rather we train people to become autonomous. By that I mean for people to be responsible for their own wellbeing and that of their families. What we do is not like taking a car to a mechanic for a tune up. It’s more about giving people the power to lead their own lives. That’s one of our big goals.


Institut Belge de Kinésiologie (in French)
Matrix Reimprinting blog (in French)

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