EFT to reduce kidney salt pain


Anyone who has suffered from kidney stones will tell you that the pain is excruciating. When my client phoned to tell me that he was in agony, I knew that we needed to act immediately. Two days before he was in the A&E department, connected to a morphine drip to alleviate his suffering, and he felt that the pain was fast reaching that peak again. I suggested that he use EFT, with me guiding him on the phone and working with and through the pain – if it did not work he had nothing to lose. He agreed to try.

by Catherine Dixon

My client, David, was an experienced EFT practitioner so I did not need to teach him the points or the procedure. We could work directly on his pain. After discovering the pain threshold (11 out of 10), we started to work directly on the pain itself.

According to the 5 Element theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys represent water energy in the body and emotionally they are connected to deep fear and anxiety. David had experienced a number of fearful episodes recently including money worries and a distrust of the future. Yet there also remained some scepticism as to whether EFT could really help. Despite his belief in EFT, there remained understandable doubt that it could work on something physiological. I worked directly on the somatic feelings of the pain itself, eliciting responses such as “javelin stabbing pain”, and got him also to describe the exact location of the feeling.

Then I asked him to imagine going directly into the core of the pain and tapping on that.

After reducing the intensity of the pain from 11 to 6, we concentrated on the source of his fear. We tapped on his fears around earning and manifesting money. We incorporated his doubts as to whether EFT was powerful enough to reduce physiological as well as emotional pain. We worked on his doubts about his future and his reluctance to ask for help. I did not ask the SUD scale after every round as I deduced from the timbre of his voice that both the fear and the pain were reducing.

I incorporated healing metaphors in between the rounds of EFT. Through this we bought softness and flow back to the kidneys and imagined a warm pink, loving energy flowing through his kidneys gently melting the salts, like the sea washing against pebbles wearing them away. I asked him to continue visualising this imagery after our phone treatment was over.

Throughout the treatment I continually asked him what was happening and how he was feeling. The answer was that the sharpness and stabbing feeling had significantly reduced and so had the twinges. I asked him to breathe warmth into his kidneys and tell his body that he was listening to the messages and yet he did not need the pain now and that he was choosing to allow the stones to break up. We continued about 30 minutes of almost continual tapping combined with deep breathing and powerful healing imagery.

After 35 minutes he said: “I feel calm again. I can focus and it feels as through morphine is running through my veins.’

I continued to tap with the affirmation “morphine is now running through my veins and this is calming my body and mind”.

He was tired. I suggested that he took a break, wrap a blanket round him and sip some hot water perhaps with a little ginger.

David rang me after an hour reporting that the pain had completely subsided though he was feeling tired and a little bruised. After two hours he sent me a picture via his mobile phone of the urine sample captured in a wine glass. At the bottom of the glass were two teaspoons of fine salt like sediment. After three hours he noticed that his urine was completely clear. The pain had not returned after several hours.

The next day he reported a good night’s sleep and no return of the pain. Here is another example of using EFT on everything, even our worst fears.

Catherine Dixon
BA Hons, RSA Dip, Cog Hyp, HDPD NLP Prac, MNCH
Email: energy roots
Website: www.energyroots.co.uk

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