EFT overcomes sceptic’s injury


Last year, while filming for Channel 4 I met personal trainer Nic Mitchell. Although we were actually meant to be arch rivals, as we were competing against each other on the TV show, we fast became good friends.

by Carey Mann

Once the show had finished the production company gave me a short showreel of the filming that I did and I decided at that point that I wanted to do some more filming to add to the reel. I thought that it would be a good idea to film some sessions, but with people that were not only sceptical but total disbelievers.

Nic sprang to mind as I knew that he had a couple of old injuries that he couldn’t shift. I asked him if I could do some tapping with him for free, in exchange for permission to film the session. He agreed, though I suspected it was only to humour me!

I turned up at his gym in the City of London and was ushered in to his office. After a quick tour of the gym we started tapping almost straight away.

I had already decided that because he was a total non-believer that I would start with simply chasing the pain, without bringing any emotional stuff into the picture. I explained that the reason I was asking for colours, shapes and textures was because the subconscious mind processes and understand things in a different way to the conscious mind – it understand shapes, colours and textures.

  • “Even though I have this red, round, 8 stiffness in my ankle, I’m ok”
  • “Even though I have this challenging stiffness that prevents me from doing squats, I’m alright”
  • “Even though I don’t believe in the stuff but I’ve got nothing to lose, I’m OK”

I find that using “I’m ok, and I’m alright” works really well with ‘alpha males’ as they feel saying “love and accept myself” is a bit girly and fluffy for them. I’m not suggesting that all men prefer this but it’s a nice way to ease people into the “I love and accept myself” phrase that many EFT practitioners like to use. Once rapport is created we can say pretty much whatever we like and people will go along with it.

Once we finished the above set-ups, followed by full rounds of tapping, the stiffness and restriction had reduced to a 5. However, we got a bit stuck at this point so I decided to investigate what happened at the time of the original accident. Nic had been in Ibiza at the time and felt guilty about various things that had happened when he was there. So we started using the following set-ups.

  • “Even though I feel guilty about what I did and there’s a possibility that the emotion is still frozen in my ankle, I’m ok”
  • “Even though I have all this guilt stuck in my ankle and I didn’t realise, I’m alright”
  • “Even though I have this 5 guilt in my ankle and I might not want to let it go, I’m OK”

We continued tapping and re-framing and within five minutes Nic could do a full squat – something that he hasn’t been able to do since the accident. His face was such a picture because he was totally shocked, freaked out even, to the point where he burst out of his office and started showing people how he could now squat for the first time in years.

Because the session was filmed Nic gave permission to use his name and upload the video to YouTube.

The more sceptical people are the better if you ask me, so be brave and believe in the power of EFT and your own abilities.

Nic later commented on his experience: “I agreed to try a little bit of Carey’s treatment because her genuine and effervescent character is hard to refuse, rather than because of any belief (at all) in her methodologies. As someone who makes his living working with bodies I am happy to accept the less “scientific” concepts such as reflexology and meridian lines, but tapping just seemed plain ridiculous to me. It is no exaggeration to say that I was utterly dumbstruck when after 10 minutes of treatment I had more range in a long standing injured ankle than at anytime in the years since the original injury! Given that I am in a position to receive world class physical therapy I am still astounded when I think back on it almost a year later.”

Carey Mann

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