From powerlessness to powerfulness

Konstadina Sadoriniou

What is powerlessness really? If you have felt it at any point, I think you would agree that it’s a sinking feeling within, which lets us know that we hold no control over our self, our life, or the things that are taking place around us. It is indeed a horrible emotion and belongs at the bottom in the emotional scale. No surprise there, as it is the experience of powerlessness that cuts us off completely from the source and drains us from our energy reservoirs, as well as deprives us from accessing our resources.

by Konstadina Sadoriniou

But if we think of it for a minute, powerlessness is nothing more than our inability to exercise our powerfulness. The ‘veil of forgetfulness’ overpowers our inner wisdom and we surrender to the limiting belief that we are like a helpless leaf in the moods of the wind. Whatever we try to do seems to be futile and so depression follows.

Does it have to be this way?
Of course not.
Why is it this way then?
Because we allow it.
Why do we allow it?

Because somehow, at some point we were convinced that we can’t change things, we can’t control things, that we are unable to resist its overwhelming unseen forces that rule us. And most likely we have the past to remind us about this. This has a lot to do with not knowing who we truly are. Because if we knew who we truly are, we would recognise the infinite inner power that we hold. So this is one possible issue.

The other issue would be that, intellectually we do know who we are and the power we hold, but we have not been convinced about it emotionally. Thirdly, we might be intellectually and emotionally convinced of the extent of our powerfulness but we do not practice it. So, powerlessness is the inability to exercise our powerfullness.

Let me attempt to facilitate you towards solving the first issue – if it is an issue with you.

You are an extension of source, of spirit, of God, of universal consciousness or however you wish to call it. We are all part of the whole, made of the same substance. Whether you believe in spiritual stuff or not, this stands true in the spiritual, energy and scientific realms. This means you are potentially as powerful as the Creator and / or potentially as powerful as the most powerful personalities on this planet. The difference is that they know it and you probably don’t. In addition, they exercise this power and you probably don’t – but this is part of the third type of issue. There is more to say on this but, I hope I have managed to convince you a little bit about the exponential power that lies within you.

Now, for the second issue: you know your power intellectually but, you can not accept it emotionally. This is most likely due to past experiences or traumas that have programmed your subconscious such that it is not able to believe the truth of what your mind logically knows. Now here you need to become an investigator and ask yourself: Which incidents in the past have made these feelings of powerlessness emerge? Make a list of them. Then you can take them one by one and start tapping – using any version of the EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques comfortable for you.

To assist in this effort I suggest you follow the tap-along below and although it carries some global statements, it will help you to either find major events that have caused emotions of powerlessness, or it can take the edge off from these emotions.

Check the intensity of the experience of powerlessness and rate it. Then start tapping:

Karate chop point:

  • Even though I feel completely powerless in this situation, I deeply and completely love and accept myself
  • Even though I have no control of what is happening in my life and I feel I have no power to change things, I deeply and completely love and accept myself
  • Even though I have this horrible sinking feeling of despair that, I can’t create the life I want no matter how much I try, I accept myself and the way I feel.

Then start tapping in the EFT points – full or short versions. Every statement is a different tapping point.

  • This overwhelming despair
  • I release and let go
  • This feeling of powerlessness
  • I release and let go
  • I have no control
  • I release and let go
  • I’m powerless
  • I release and let go
  • I can’t change things
  • I release and let go
  • I can’t create the life I want
  • I release and let go
  • I’m unable to attract the things I desire
  • I release and let go
  • I’m powerless
  • I release and let go
  • So helpless
  • I release and let go
  • So hopeless
  • I release and let go
  • I’m depressed
  • I release and let go
  • Depressed with my inability
  • I release and let go
  • Totally de-energised
  • I release and let go
  • This overwhelming despair of powerlessness
  • I release and let go.

Take a deep breath and rate your experience of powerlessness again. Although the statements might look negative at first glimpse, if you say them while tapping, you are actually releasing the negative energies that they hold and you neutralise them.

If you find that the intensity has significantly dropped, then do a round or two of the following positive statements. If the tapping has brought a specific memory then start tapping on the feelings and the specifics of that memory. Then you can use the following.

Karate chop point:

  • Even though, I feeling powerless right now, I choose to embrace my feelings and accept myself
  • Even though powerlessness overwhelms me, I choose to release these feelings now
  • Even though this feeling of powerlessness makes me feel bad about myself and my life and despairs me, I know that this is temporary and I am able to overcome it.

EFT tapping points:

  • I choose to release all blockages to my inner strength and power
  • I now hold my own power
  • No one and nothing can take this power away but me
  • I hold my own power
  • I am a powerful creator
  • I am made by the same powerful energy of the Creator
  • I am a master of my own destiny
  • I am power-full
  • I am able to go beyond all limitations
  • I trust my inner strength and guidance
  • I hold my power
  • I am a powerful being
  • My inner strength and power determine my future
  • I am the creator of my own future
  • I am able to change my circumstances
  • I have the power to go beyond restrictions
  • I honour who I am
  • I believe in myself and the things I can achieve
  • I hold strong in adversities
  • I am able to attract only the very best for me and others
  • I am a powerful, masterful creator.

After completing this round take a deep breath and check how you feel about powerlessness.

This phase brings me to the third issue of inability: lack of will, or laziness, to practice our power-full-ness regularly enough that it becomes part of our new programming. Practice will help us to make the experience of being a powerful, masterful creator an active part of our new habits, as we re-train our subconscious and re-imprint our energy field or our energy matrix with this new concept. Then it becomes our new truth, our new reality.

We can achieve this by regularly using statements like the above, either while tapping or not, but with the aim of not just saying these things but actually letting the experience of it sink in deeply in our hearts. Feel every word we think or say and when we are in that vortex of this experience of our own power-full-ness, things begin to change in a positive beautiful way. Say it, think it, see it, sense it, feel it, taste it. Then we can put it into practice, in our physical reality and see it manifest right in front of our eyes. This, will re-inforce the new belief that, by nature, we are powerful beings, we are powerful creators and masters of our destiny.

Konstadina Sadoriniou ©2011
Centre of Specialised Therapies & Training
Konstadina is an international self development trainer and highly intuitive wellness and peak performance coach. Although a BBA (Hons) graduate with corporate experience, she has dedicated her life to personal and spiritual growth. In her workshops and sessions she combines her knowledge and expertise as well as 20 years of personal experience derived from different paths and many complementary and energy modalities - including Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine, EFT, Inverse Wave Therapy, EMF Balancing Technique, Meditation and Intuitive Counselling. Her mission is to empower others and facilitate them towards healing, wellbeing and becoming best performing individuals. She is a published author and she has published many articles, e-courses, videos and mp3s.
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