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Brett Moran

Dedicated to helping people reprogram, restructure and recreate their matrix, Brett Moran has several years of experience in the fields of addictions and holistic therapies, much of it gained through overcoming his own destructive behaviours and addictions. In the first of a new series for EmotionalBuzz Brett, with his vast wealth of compassion and knowledge, turns agony uncle to answer questions from readers struggling with issues concerning change or transformation.

Q. Dear Brett, I have been struggling to change my behaviours and patterns around my eating and the relationship I have with food. I feel like I have no control over what I eat and when I eat. My weight is really getting me down I feel tired, frustrated and depressed. Do you have any suggestions?


A. Dear Emma, thank you so much for contacting me.

I know personally that taking the first step can be a challenging one but once you do you automatically begin to change the energy of the behaviour and send out different signals to you mind body and universe. First of all I would suggest getting yourself an eating diary so you can monitor your eating and behaviour.

Monitoring your relationship with food will bring about the awareness that you need to understand it and yourself better. Don’t be afraid if this is your first step in taking back your control. What you’re looking for is the feelings within you at the exact moment you choose to eat or crave your desired addiction. Do you feel empty, sad or have you just had an argument with a loved one? Or do you just crave it and have done ever since you were a little child?

You need to find the triggers within you that challenge you, and also notice some of the catalysts around you that may also trigger your eating pattern. These triggers will be the root cause of your problem as your subconscious mind tunes into old unwanted patterns or messages. When there is an old unwanted pattern or behaviour it is these messages that need to be changed within the mind, but first you must find them.

When you begin to monitor and find the triggers really start to look within yourself and challenge these messages. I suggest using EFT or Matrix Reimprinting as tools to guide you when searching for the original messages and the connections your mind is making. When you find them start to change them daily. Realise their existence then recreate new positive and empowering messages. You can do this in many ways. Repeat the new messages over and over again until they are filtered through your subconscious mind into your conscious actions, thus creating the correct action energy you desire to change and transform your habits.

With love and light to your success,


Q. Hi Brett, I wanted to ask you how I could shut my head up. What I mean is it is constantly full of thoughts and most of them are negative, or I will create situation in my head that never really happened. I live in my head 24-7 and it gets me down. I feel I have no control over my thinking. It is as though it’s always busy and just never gives me a rest. Please help – I need some peace.

A. I am sure you are not the only one who feels this way. Our minds are filled with so much information it usual for them to be all over the place and seem busy. What you need to do to clear to the mind is observe it and your thoughts and not become them, or the creation of them. You can have full control over your mind and calm it, still it and thus become detached from the chitter-chatter that goes on. I would suggest implementing some basic principles such as mindfulness and meditation. Its simple but profound way of life can calm any mind in the storm.

Love and light to your clarity,


Q.Dear Brett, I want to be successful in business but feel like I keep hitting a brick wall. I use the Law Of Attraction but does it really work, or am I just not getting it?

A. Love the question. It’s something that I often thought myself when I first started to apply myself to it. First of all what you need to understand is you need to match up to what it is that you want or truly desire in life. It is much deeper than Law of Attraction and it really depends on what energy action you give out when you’re manifesting.

Your messages and behaviours are sending energy action out into the universe all the time – every second – and this is what creates our world. You want to know what the energy behind your action truly is, what are your motives and are you following your purpose and true path. Step outside the box and ask ‘is this what I really want, am I aligned with myself, what else do I desire or does it come from my ego?’

Also check everything you think, do or say; constantly be on top of your game and make sure you match up to your desire and outcome. If you sometimes slip and lose track, that’s cool. Just recognise it and notice the slip, then keep bringing yourself back into alignment, to the match and the direction you’re heading in. Keep your focus, believe and have faith no matter what.

Now this might need some outside help because sometimes we can become so ingrained in our minds about what we think we want, ie, we become the vibration of the mind and not the vibration of our true purpose. So we then seem to miss opportunities or guidance because the ego gets in the way, we go in the wrong direction because we ‘think’ it is what we truly want, which in turn can be far from the truth. So some self discovery around your business is a key principle in becoming successful.

Love and light to your success,


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