The power of allowing change into our lives


We would like to introduce you to a powerful process that allows you to look beneath the layers of thoughts and feelings that limit us in life. This process is called Inner RePatterning and as the name suggests, it does just that. How many times have you searched for that something or someone to make you happy or feel loved? We are sure many of you reading this already know that we have the power and ability to experience these feelings, yet in times of stress, we often forget this.

by June Spencer

Stress can cause so much damage in our lives, to our health, relationships, and environments, at work and at home. Stress literally puts us out of balance and can cause dis-ease within the mind/body system. Using the process of Inner RePatterning can reduce that stressed feeling almost immediately by connecting you to your inner state of relaxation. Just as in nature, the mind/body is always looking to be in balance, homeostasis and by using the process of Inner RePatterning this can be achieved.

Focusing on a problem or limiting belief will not bring about change whereas using Inner RePatterning will assist us to witness and observe a different perspective often showing us a new way of understanding and allowing a shift in our awareness to happen automatically. There are six key components to Inner RePatterning, all of which allow us to bring about the relaxation response and as such enable us to communicate with the deeper levels of the mind and create profound shifts at this level.

  1. Using the breath — activating the relaxation response
  2. Expanding awareness — activating a communication pathway
  3. Tapping the thymus
  4. Using intention
  5. Dissociating from the problem
  6. Being the observer

So why is this process different to others? When we use Inner RePatterning, we come from a place of allowing rather than forcing ourselves to understand our issues. Inner RePatterning is gentle, simple and easy to use and as you work with the process, you witness and experience change and transformation from the inside. This in turn has an effect on how you perceive life on the outside.

We will guide you through the process now very simply. For more in depth information visit our website where you can download a free e-book and find information on our training courses.

So many of us don’t allow ourselves time to unwind, relax and just ‘be’. Using Inner RePatterning for ten minutes every day will help you to recognise the importance of taking care of your own needs. When you are in a good place, relaxed and calm, you are in a better place to help others and deal with so many of the tasks we are presented with each day. So let’s begin by looking at how relaxed we feel in this moment and ask the question. ‘What needs to change for me to feel more relaxed?’ Write down what you notice and you can refer to this at the end of the session.

Begin by breathing into your lower abdomen and expanding your breath up through your upper body, inhaling and exhaling through your nose, going at your own pace.

Look forward into the distance, pick a spot to focus on and slightly elevate your eyes. As you look at that spot, draw your awareness to the sides of your vision. Retain this soft focus and you’re now in peripheral vision with an expanded awareness. You may already be feeling very relaxed.

Continue the process by gently tapping using your finger pads on the thymus point (located central on the chest, about two inches down from the collar bone).

For the purpose of this exercise, you may like to get a friend to read the Intention Statement out, or you can record it or just read it yourself and listen to the words that you are saying, pausing, breathing and allowing the words to enter after each paragraph.

The intention statement

to release anything that blocks me
living fully in the present moment,
in a place of allowing peace and joy
to flow through every level of my being.

(Pause, breathe and allow the words to enter.)

to release any attachment to the PAST
and attachment to the FUTURE STORY.

(Pause, breathe and allow)

I set the INTENTION that as I tap
a deep and profound healing will take place at all levels,
safely and gently allowing me to clear all blocks
and reach a place of accepting deep inner peace and joy
to flow through every level of my being
as I am fully present in the moment.

(Pause, breathe and allow)

Now return to your original thought: ‘What needs to change for me to feel more relaxed?’ As you breathe, tap and stay in peripheral vision, notice how you feel or your thoughts as you tune into your mind and body. How do you feel? What thoughts are coming up? Just notice any sensations and just trust however the answer appears. It may be you see an image of a comfy chair; you may hear the words ‘put the kettle on’; you feel yourself sigh or notice your breathing is rapid and high in your chest. All these are ways in which your mind/body system is helping you to return to a balanced place. When you listen to your body and allow it to be heard, you are in a very powerful place to allow change to happen.

With each inward breath, a thought, feeling, emotion, sensation, image and/or memory may appear, notice them, breathe out and have a sense of pushing them out in front of you. Just accept what appears and don’t judge or criticise it. Just observe and witness what is happening. This allows you to dissociate and gives you space to experience new thoughts and feelings, even have a new perspective on situations that you hadn’t realised existed. In this state we are re-cycling old thought patterns, feelings and even attitudes; noticing and letting go; allowing new perspectives and ways of ‘being’ into our lives.

Continue this process until you feel a sense of peace/stillness and at that point rest your hand where you have been tapping and really connect with the feeling you are experiencing and imagine it expanding through every level of your mind/body system. You can also imagine breathing that feeling out and surrounding yourself with it so that it is within you and you are within it. These actions will have a positive effect on our health, wellbeing, and relationship with ourself and others.

Now you are in such a lovely state of ‘being’, notice what has changed that has allowed you to feel more relaxed and know you can experience this whenever you choose.

We would love to hear your comments and feedback and if you have any questions or would like more information on Inner RePatterning.
To download the free e-book or attend our training courses visit our website or email me at
June Spencer

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