Take time out for yourself: well-being for coaches, practitioners and trainers


Dr Rangana Choudhuri explains why taking time out for yourself is crucial to building a thriving practice.

by Dr Rangana Choudhuri

A large percentage of coaches, practitioners and trainers are in the business of giving to others and not receiving themselves. Taking time out for yourself is crucial to building a thriving practice. That’s why I dedicate a weekly ‘orange day’ to myself when I do whatever I choose. It can range from a massage to booking a supervision or mentoring session, to playing sport or going to the theatre, out to a restaurant with friends or simply being.

I keep a daily diary (sometimes in my head!) noting what’s going on in my life, including what’s going really well and anything causing tension or stress; and I put up testimonials and records of positive interactions on a ‘happiness’ board on my fridge at home. Keeping them here has a double benefit: when I reach for food in the fridge to make me happy I can instead choose to review my positive achievements and feel proud of myself and satisfied.

As I changed career from full-time corporate to the field of personal development I realised that I had to ‘walk my talk’. This meant being proactive in resolving any issues that arose for me. I have adopted a system for being aware of what I am saying, doing and feeling from moment to moment. Whenever I notice any tension I know it is time to ask myself what is really going on and to spend some time clearing any patterns, emotional triggers or beliefs that may be holding me back.

What I find most useful of all is integrating a daily practice for wellbeing that I learnt from one of Robin Sharma’s early books, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. It includes tips on exercise, good nutrition and relaxing the mind to always be in a peak state to serve myself and others.

So here are my five tips for well-being for coaches and practitioners:

  1. Book a day in the diary that you keep only for you
  2. Keep a diary of what is going well and what is stressful
  3. Have a happiness board where you display your most positive moments
  4. Clear triggers, emotional tension and limitations as they arise
  5. Adopt a daily practice of well-being that includes exercise, good nutrition and some form of mind relaxation such as meditation, music, walking or breathing exercises.

I find music very relaxing and love listening to the the inner talk series by Vitalia Health, which also offers a range of free programmes including Forgiveness and Letting GO CDs.

Dr Rangana Choudhuri trains practitioners in EFT and NLP, mentoring and supervising them to be the best possible practitioners as well as coaching them to have thriving businesses.

Rangana Choudhuri
Website: www.vitality-living.com
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