The CAST away technique


by Marie Holliday

Spain-based EFT practitioner Marie Holliday describes her CAST away technique, a new slant on EFT.

Life can be so lonely. Sometimes we have feelings of being alone, loss, abandonment, desertion, separation, isolation, rejection, helpless, lost, not knowing where to go, which way to turn? Just like a CASTaway, in fact.

These feelings are accompanied by emotions such as anger, guilt, shame, fear, unworthiness, despair, depression, grief, sadness, worry, disappointment and many more.

One thing all these feelings and emotions have in common is being negative.

The CAST away technique is designed to cast away negative emotions, negative feelings and beliefs that affect most of us at times. It is a simple and soothing yet powerful and gentle tapping technique adapted for its efficacy using several psychological reversal points while tapping and reaffirming set up phrases on the reversal points.

This seems to work particularly well with both massive reversals and mini reversals due to the extent of reversal points being covered. and reinforces the whole process including any ‘switching’ and ‘tailenders’.

Apart from being a Calming And Soothing Technique, CAST away is a memory aid for the way of tapping on points located on the upper chest and torso.

The technique is as follows with a working example below.

  • Tap on the PR or KC point, using a set up phrase as normal describing the problem or issue
  • Tap around the face points as normal, ie, EB (eyebrow), SE (side of eye), UE (under eye), UN (under chin), Ch (chin point)
  • Next we go to CB (collarbone) where we start introducing the CAST away procedure
  • Tap on the following points in this order with the reminder phrase
    C = Collarbone point Calm
    A = Arm point
    S = Sore points Soothing
    T = Thymus technique
  • Tap UE or under arm
  • Tap gamut (this is purely a favourite point of mine)
  • Either continue tapping and complete at point of your choice
  • Deep breath on last point
  • Assess as normal SUDS rating.

While tapping on the chest points above, intersperse the set up phrase and issues throughout the torso tapping points because of the reversal points located on the chest this is a powerful safeguard and appears to reduce a SUDs rating quite quickly and effectively.

Case study

A client has an issue with multi aspects involving a car accident and back pain of 20 years.

Background: the car accident followed an argument with mum where the 18-year-old daughter ran off very angry. She was starting a new job and was late and had purchased a new car that weekend that her dad had financed. As she got in her car and sped off she was still seething and knew her bosses would not be happy with her arriving late on her first day.

She was extremely agitated and hadn’t been driving long, she saw the traffic lights changing. She was worried about this stupid argument with mum as she would never hurt her intentionally and they didn’t often argue. She would ring her later and apologise.

Bang ... crash ... screams ... breaking glass, hissing noise ... oh my goodness what had happened? she thought. She had braked too late for the lights and hit another car and she was in pain and felt that there was someone injured in the other car. Her new car was making a hissing noise and smoke was billowing from the engine. One side of the car seemed to be pushed in and damaged. “Oh my goodness, I am late for my new job but this pain in my back is so bad, I can’t move.”

Sounds of ambulance, police sirens and by this time I had lost consciousness.

I woke up in hospital in dreadful pain and the other car driver at the side of me.

EFT session using the CAST away technique

I started the session with a round of tapping using ‘all this stuff’ to gently soften and take the edges off all these issues. SUDs 10 plus!

  • KC point: all this stuff but I love and accept myself even with all this stuff
  • EB point: all this stuff
  • SE: all this stuff
  • UE: too much stuff ...
  • UN: all this stuff ... it’s too much
  • CH: too much stuff to cope with, I was only 18

Now the CAST points. I stand behind the client and tap on the person with both hands eg on both collarbone points then sequentially, both arm points, both sore points then on the thymus. However, a client can tap on themselves.

  • Collarbone: all this stuff ... too much for me to deal with
  • Arm points: all this stuff is just too much stuff
  • Sore points: all this stuff went so wrong on my first day in a new job but I love and accept myself even though there is so much of this stuff
  • Thymus: this argument, this crash, this injury, this new job ... all this stuff

Continue around the points as normal.
On rating the SUDs it had dropped to a 7 and her pain had lessened and she was calling it a dull ache (the pain was always there).

We discussed how she felt and she said she had a terrible 'guilt' around all this stuff, her mum, her job, the accident, the other person that had been injured, her new car that dad had helped finance.

  • KC point: Even though I have this dull ache, dull back pain, it is so bad it never goes away, even the painkillers don’t help, I shouldn’t have argued with mum and I was late for work and this awful accident in my new car that dad had financed ... oh, this terrible back pain…yet through all of this stuff//all this guilt… I love and accept myself
  • EB: argued with mum ... all this stuff ... all this guilt
  • SE: driving too fast, missed the lights..all this guilty stuff
  • UE: worried about new job ... all this stuff ... all this guilt
  • UN: going to be late ... all this guilty stuff
  • CH: argued with mum, I felt guilty, I love my mum yet so much stuff
  • CB: the lights ... going to miss them, car coming
  • Arm points: Oh no ... this accident ... this pain ... this guilt
  • Sore points: all this pain, I have been so long with this dull ache ... this dull ache that doesn’t go away ... it’s always there ... this dull pain shows in my back ... all this guilt ... so much guilt, too much guilt for one person ... it was only an accident yet my back is showing me such a dull ache ... a heartache for all this guilt ... this stored guilt has created a pain that won’t go away…through all of this stuff ... through all of this guilt ... I love and accept myself through all of this ... and there is a lot of this stuff to get through ... all this guilt ... yet through all of this guilt I love my mum, love and accept me ... my dad was so good ... he accepted me and the car that he loaned money for ... all this guilt ... all this back pain..yes I truly love and accept myself and all this stuff' yet I ache with guilt..a dull, constant ache of guilt that will not go away…through all of this guilt I deeply and completely love and accept myself..even though I ache with guilt deep deep it has been there 20 years..I accept it, I accept this dull ache, this guilt..I love and accept myself with all of this ache
  • Thymus: I love and accept myself with all this pain, all this guilt, all this stuff.

Continuing around other points as normal.

Her dull ache had gone to a 3 on a SUDs scale and she was calling it a' low back feeling' and it was 'only an accident' She still had some resonance with 'guilt'.

  • KC: Even though I have this low back feeling ... I feel low ... so low ... constantly low..all this guilt is making me feel low ... constantly ... yet I love and I have an acceptance and an understanding of this because I truly and deeply love myself ... as deeply as the pain I have been feeling for all these years
  • EB: feeling so low
  • SE: this low feeling
  • UE: this guilt feeling
  • CH: low, guilty back feeling
  • CB: my back is guilty of this low feeling
  • Arm point: I feel so low can one person feel?
  • Sore points: As low as my back ... it could have been my foot ... that’s lower ... so it’s not as low as it could have been ... this low feeling ... this low back feeling ... it’s not a low foot feeling ... that is pretty low ... as low as you can get! Oh, I am not as low as that, my guilt is not as low as that and through all this lowness I love and accept myself maybe a bit more now because I understand I could feel lower ... as low as my foot ... so I am not that low ... I love and accept this ... it was just an accident ... anyone can have an accident ... I didn’t like the job anyway! I have so much stuff to love and accept, if that goes away what will I replace it with? what about love? Love is bigger than this low feeling, bigger than this guilt feeling which is really big…this guilt feeling is so big, it overwhelms me and shows up in my back constantly…I will try to replace this guilty low back pain with so much love because love is a positive emotion that will help to heal this low pain, this guilt ... I am filling this low back area with so much love ... the love is overwhelming…I love and accept myself so overwhelmingly that it feels good ... so good to love and accept myself without guilt, without low back pain ... constant pain, constant love ... constant love sounds better than constant pain ... I love and accept myself and this new part of me that has been hurting for such a long time…too long without love ... I love and accept every bit of me that hurts ... even the bits that feel guilt ... they need this healing love so much ... that feels good
  • Thymus: I thank my body, my mind and my higher intelligence for showing me through all of these years and all of these back pains and guilt that you were protecting me the only way you know how ... I am grateful that you have shown me this and I release any feelings of guilt and pain from this back area and replace it with love, I am grateful I understand this powerful feeling of love ... guilt is powerful yet love is far more powerful ... thank you.

Continue on points as normal.

Following this long session although contained within 3 rounds, her SUDs went to a Zero on her pain and guilt feeling.

Observation points on CAST away technique

While there were only 3 rounds, I collect everything, every bit of information the client has given me and tap it back in. Similar to a computer with a virus where we eliminate the virus/bad stuff and clean it then input new information.

  • I constantly reinforce the set up phrase when tapping on the reversal points
  • I can be working on this CAST area for many minutes
  • Because I work behind the client it is non threatening and not in their face
  • I use it myself and it is a very comforting technique
  • While tapping on the CAST points, which is relaxing in itself, the thymus thump is energising
  • I additionally use humour which is wonderful when appropriate with clients
  • I have been pioneering this technique now for over six years and have been encouraged by my students and clients to share it because they all seem to say the same thing that it is very relaxing, powerful and empowering
  • If appropriate I try to tap in love, forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance etc

I hope you try it out and let me know what you think and if you have any questions please get in touch with me. I also have a basic 5-minute video on my website that demonstrates the CAST away technique.

Marie Holliday
AAMET practitioner/trainer/trainer of trainers
Official representative of AAMET in Spain
marie email

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