EFT for a reluctant marathon runner


While toasting in the New Year of 2011 with my friend, a marathon running enthusiast, I found myself agreeing to take part in the Taunton half marathon. I had been including running as part of my fitness routine for the last 25 years yet I had never really completed more than 10 kilometres and had never wanted to take part in a marathon. Yet this year I needed life change and wanted something to focus on something that would take me out of my comfort zone, both physically and mentally. So it was without hesitation (probably enhanced by the excellent champagne), I agreed to run the 13 miles.

by Catherine Dixon

Over the cold months of January, February and March I found myself on a training programme with my running partners that increased my pace, distance and endurance. I was also looking for a new home to rent because I wanted to downsize from a large family house to a more manageable flat closer to the City. While I was running toward the River Thames one day with Hammersmith Bridge in view, I said to my new running partner, I want to find a home over there, near the river, that’s where we need to be.

Apart from the odd twinge in the right knee I was doing quite well in my new training programme. I knew I was capable of doing 10 miles as I had trained to that level and somehow I had convinced myself that I was able to do that quite easily. Yet I was apprehensive about 13 miles – plus there were all those hills in the Somerset countryside.

On the morning of the marathon, after a restless night and little sleep, I waited apprehensively behind the start line with the other two thousand or so eager runners, questioning why I was there at all.

During the first few miles I ran silently beside my delightfully cheerful running partner, wondering how she managed to be so upbeat with all those miles ahead of her. I needed to find my pace and to communicate to my mind and body that I could do this easily, and that I could even enjoy it because the greater part of me believed it was going to be a bit of a struggle.

It occurred to me to use the tools I used with my clients when they needed hope and inspiration. I drew the energy I needed from the atmosphere and elements surrounding me. I breathed in the dynamic wood energy from the trees and the supportive energy from the earth and the inspiration from the sun; I found my pace and started to relax into the moment. I began to enjoy the journey that the run was taking me through. I tapped into the points on my body “I can run with ease and flow” I tapped the same statement every time I felt any internal struggle and I tapped away the uncomfortable twinges in my right foot so the sensations did not distract me.

I tapped through my lack of motivation to run up the hills and on the very last mile I was overwhelmed by a massive resistance to complete the run as I was engulfed by a feeling of wanting to give up. It occurred to me I felt this way often just before completing anything that had taken great effort. I tapped through this resistance and realised that it was part of an ingrained, long-seated habit of sabotaging challenges. The marathon was testing my resolve, yet the EFT helped me through my own limitations.

I ran through this finish line with relief rather than triumph. I felt stiff yet not overly tired and far better than I expected. I have even signed up for the next half marathon in Windsor this September. I have also found the flat I was looking for over the Hammersmith Bridge, just as I saw it in my creative imagination.

Catherine Dixon
BA Hons, RSA Dip, Cog Hyp, HDPD NLP Prac, MNCH
Email: energy roots
Website: www.energyroots.co.uk

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