Tapping and the wolf


I would love to share this story about tapping on a wolf. Don’t worry it is a pet wolf dog!

by Marie Holliday

A couple of years ago I went along to see Master Gwyneth Moss’s presentation on animals and EFT at Masterclass 2009.

Gwyneth’s simple style and easy to follow protocol encouraged me to try tapping with animals. Previously I have used tapping with my own dog Lucy, physically tapping on her, and she responds really well and indeed loves tapping. My other dog doesn’t like it, so I have to use surrogate tapping. Although I have an animal energy healers’ practitioner certificate , I haven’t felt the confidence to try it with other animals, the way I did with Gwyneth’s.

My story goes as follows, with a beautiful wolf pet named Shawnee. Her unusual name is derived from the Shosone tribe in America.

I was invited around to some new neighbours who had moved in next to us with their dog and cats. It was a lovely afternoon and we sat having cocktails when I saw this most beautiful creature in the doorway. Shawnee, their pet wolf. The owner told me she was very ill and didn’t think she was for this world long. She had a terrible limp and could hardly walk as she was trailing her back leg. Two of her feline companions had recently passed away and she was missing them dreadfully. She lay down, head in paws and looked very sorry for herself.

I couldn’t stop looking at this beautiful animal. The owner was very interested in EFT and had never heard of it or used it. She asked if I would try some on Shawnee. I advised that not all dogs liked tapping physically and it may be surrogate but the owner insisted she would be OK to try out physical tapping. I must admit to some degree of trepidation when I lay flat on the floor beside her. Her sheer size was daunting yet she had the most beautiful eyes .

I asked Shawnee if she minded if I tapped on her and was sorry she felt so ill but the tapping might just help her. I felt it was OK and the owner said it was OK to go ahead.I then proceeded to tap on the points, around the eyes, chest and under arm, similar to ourselves with the following phrases as if I was Shawnee.

  • ‘I am so low’
  • ‘I feel pretty bad’
  • ‘I can’t walk properly’
  • ‘But I’m a good dog and my owners love me’
  • ‘I wish I could walk properly’
  • ‘Or just a bit better’
  • ‘I keep trailing my back leg and hobbling along’
  • ‘I keep limping’
  • ‘But I’m a good girl, such a good girl’
  • ‘I miss my friends so much (the two cats)’
  • ‘Now they have gone forever and I won’t see them again’
  • ‘I’m a good girl’
  • ‘I want to get better’

At this stage I stopped tapping as I thought she may have had enough because she was very weak. The owner walked me round their garden, as we looked at the plants and chatted. I have to be honest I was still drawn to Shawnee and noticed she staggered up from the ground and started following us around. I thought her walking looked a lot better but didn’t comment.

Then the owner’s husband commented about Shawnee’s walking looking much better. She had definitely improved but not knowing her, I didn’t know what her normal day was like.

I was then invited to sit with the owner in her courtyard area and Shawnee came to sit near us. I asked the owner if she wanted to try some more tapping but surrogate tapping and she was very keen as she wanted Shawnee to get better.

I tried Gwyneth’s protocol and talked about the animal. I asked the owner if she would follow me tapping as she had no idea what to do. She didn’t know the points or protocol or about surrogate tapping.

I tapped on myself and used similar phrases to before, such as, ‘Shawnee is a good girl, she’s missing her life long friends Mau and Miss Piggy. They both died after moving here and she misses them dreadfully. This is when her leg problem started. She’s so ill and may not have long for this world’ (something came up here but I didn’t vocalise it to the owner just yet about being very worried about her owner. I didn’t want to freak this lady out! Also I work very intuitively and it felt like the right thing at this stage).

All the time the owner was tapping with me ... I asked her if she wanted to try and I would lead her with the tapping, so, we then used ‘talk’ to the animal.

‘Shawnee, even though you are so ill and missing your friend, you are a good girl and I love you very much ...’. The owner repeated and then came up with her own words, ‘I love you Shawnee and don’t want you to go but it may be your time?’

We continued around this theme and as the owner started to become more confident with the whole idea, she started talking to Shawnee herself.

We the stopped for a while and the owner thought it was really interesting.

I asked if we could do a role play between us.

I was Shawnee and the owner, the owner.

Me as Shawnee: ‘I am ill, so ill, I can’t walk well although it was a little better maybe just now.’

Owner: ‘I am sorry you are so ill Shawnee, I love you and want you to get better.’

Me: ‘I really miss my friends so much, Mau followed me all over.’

(again something came up from Shawnee)

I suggested very gently that the owner might ask if it was Shawnee’s time to pass. Only if she wanted to?

The owner said: ‘Shawnee is it your time to pass?’

There was a very long pause. I didn’t say anything and the owner was visibly shaken.

Still quiet, I waited. The owner said: ‘No I don’t want to die yet.’

Me as Shawnee repeating the phrases: ‘I want all the time and help I can get, I don’t want to die, it’s not my time yet, it’s not my time, I want every bit of help from anyone.’

Then something came up which I had to think about but just said it in this role play format as it seemed the right moment.

‘There is something wrong with you mum, what is wrong? I am really worried about you, there is something seriously wrong isn’t there? I need all the time in the world but for some reason you can’t give it to me. You are worried, what is wrong?’

Again the owner looked visibly shocked and quiet, in fact couldn’t speak. I waited and said we didn’t have to go any further if she didn’t want to. She was actually quite annoyed in a defensive way at first saying that she did everything for Shawnee, she was top of her list even though she recently had lost her father. We chatted a little and then it became clear why she had reacted in this way. She became upset, but said that she would be OK in a couple of minutes.

She then explained that no one knew, not her best friends and only her husband that she had to go for a scan for cancer and was very worried.

She couldn’t believe how I knew ... I said I didn’t know, it was Shawnee’s worry and I also had a sense from Shawnee that she would lose her human mum as well as her friends she had recently lost.

We finished tapping around this worry.

I had to leave and travel to southern Spain the next day, so haven’t seen Shawnee since. Interestingly, for three consecutive nights I was woken up early morning with Shawnee’s beautiful face seeking healing which I tapped mentally for her. I couldn’t get her out of my mind, so sent her surrogate tapping whenever I thought of her. I rang a couple of weeks later and while Shawnee wasn’t in the best of health, her walking had improved dramatically.

The tapping with Shawnee really has left an impression on me. I was shocked to the core at how quickly and simply ‘things’ came up. The whole process was only about 10 minutes. Since then, while she had improved, I learned recently she had 18 epilepsy episodes in two days. I wanted to continue tapping surrogately, so I pulled up her photo on the computer and tapped on her points on the screen. I wanted to do role play but was on my own. A light bulb moment ... actually no I wasn’t on my own. Lucy my own dog of nine years was with me. Why not surrogate tap with her?

I took the laptop with Shawnee’s photo over to Lucy sat and asked if she would be willing to help tap and role play as Shawnee. I asked questions of Lucy as Shawnee for about 15 minutes and also tapped on Lucy and on myself and on Shawnee’s photo. We tapped similarly around her health and other issues and some interesting points came up.

I asked: ‘how can we help you, Shawnee?’

Lucy as Shawnee: ‘Water.’

Me: ‘do you need water, do you want to swim?’

Lucy as Shawnee: ‘Water.’

Me: ‘I am not sure how to help with the water Shawnee but I will talk to your owners. Is there anything else?’

Lucy: ‘Yes, when I was three months old I was traumatised.’

Me: ‘Three months old ... the trauma.’

We had to stop as Lucy started barking at something outside!

I followed up with an email to the owners a couple of days later and asked if Shawnee liked swimming. The owners said not really but she loved sitting in water and two days ago sat in the newly filled swimming pool. Something she loved to do.

There is some follow up work to do and the owner said she didn't dare to think that Shawnee seemed to be improving.

I want to encourage anyone to try Gwyneth’s protocol.as it has encouraged me more and more to work with animals. My sessions were very impromptu and not necessarily in an order – I went with the flow.

On refelection, one thing I love is the way I believe we are all so connected and that we can also use animals to surrogately tap for another animal!

Marie Holliday
AAMET practitioner/trainer/trainer of trainers
Official representative of AAMET in Spain
Website: www.eftspain.com
marie email

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