Bringing in the New Year with EFT Inner RePatterning


by June Spencer

How many New Year’s resolutions have you made? Or, putting it another way; how many New Year’s resolutions have gone by the wayside?

What is a New Year’s resolution? It is usually an idea based around something we want to change about ourselves or our environment at a specific time in the year. We may often be either stuck in the past or addicted to a way of being or fearful of the future but know that we want to make changes to our self and our life.

What if there is another way to work through your issues without thinking ‘I have to do this’ or ‘I have to be that’? What if by being present with your experiences in the now, you have the power to bring about the gift of change as part of your natural daily process? Life is for living. Life is magic. Yet so often we forget.

EFT Inner RePatterning is a simple and effective process that works with the power of intention. Change can be instantaneous and permanent and thus enables us to see the magic and live our lives authentically.

Let’s look at a resolution so many of us make:

“I want to lose weight”

In order to achieve this, a diet is often chosen, plans are made to limit eating and the process begins. There may be thoughts, images or memories that pop up regularly during this period of weight loss so you struggle to keep on the diet. The resolution set is based on failure before we even begin because we are always working in the future and, as we know, tomorrow never comes.

Let’s look at the resolution from an EFT Inner RePatterning perspective. First of all we set our intention: read the statement below and hear the words as you say them. Allow them to be absorbed into your subconscious.

Intention statement

  • I set the intention to release anything which blocks me living fully in the present moment, in a place of allowing peace and joy to flow through every level of my being (pause, breathe and allow the words to enter)
  • I set the intention to release any attachment to the past and my story and attachment to the future story (pause, breathe and allow)
  • I set the intention that as I tap a deep and profound healing will take place at all levels, safely and gently allowing me to clear all blocks and reach a place of accepting deep inner peace and joy to flow through every level of my being as I am fully present in the moment (pause, breathe and allow).

Now bring yourself into peripheral vision. You can do this by focusing on a point in the distance, soften your gaze and bring your awareness around to the sides of your eyes while looking straight ahead. (For more information and a free ebook visit our website.

Begin to tap on your thymus point using your finger pads and use a gentle percussion movement while breathing into your belly. These actions will connect you to a deeper level within you where you can truly connect with your authentic and true self.

Now look at the words of your resolution (It doesn’t have to be the one I have mentioned, this works with anything). Imagine you can breathe them out and put them in front of you as you tap, breathe and remain in peripheral vision. Just observe them without criticism or judgment and notice what is happening within you as you look at the words of the resolution. Often, attached to our thoughts are feelings, emotions, sensations, images and memories and these are what anchor our thoughts to a deeper level within us.

What is happening within you now? Do you have an image of the last time you tried to lose weight? Put that out there, accept it and check what is happening within you again now that you have let go of that image. Perhaps there is a feeling attached to the image, a feeling of dismay as you look at the past image of yourself. Try this: surround the image with unconditional love. If that is too hard, just imagine the words ‘unconditional love’ wrapping around the image. You may even like to see it as a blanket or a colour and once again notice the changes you are experiencing within you as you witness this image. Each time something new appears, just breathe it out, accept, witness without criticism or judgment and notice the next layer or level of thought or feeling. As you allow the layers to unfold in a place of acceptance you will begin to witness deep inner peace and joy which is part of the authentic you.

EFT Inner RePatterning is cyclical. Being in peripheral vision allows you to access the bigger picture externally and internally and by being present and aware of the thoughts and feelings that arise you can resolve, release and dissolve the past, be present and let the future take care of itself.

It is my experience that using this simple, quick and effective process, we are able to witness the effects our thoughts have in writing the stories of our lives. We are empowered to affect the changes we want within the blink of an eye by noticing, being present and at peace with all that is.

June Spencer
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Wishing you prosperity, peace and love in 2011.

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