Finding and developing your intuition


by Sasha Allenby

My first experience of intuition was quite a dramatic one! At six years old I came into the bedroom of my parents and asked them, quite earnestly, what would happen when the tree at the front of our house fell down today.

My concern was that if the tree fell towards the house we would all be squashed, and if it fell the opposite way, onto the railway line, then there would be an accident. My mother quietly reassured me that the tree had stood for almost 100 years and that neither would happen. She ruffled my hair affectionately when I started to obsess about the details!

So it came as quite a surprise to everyone (except me of course!), when later that day, the tree that had stood at the front of our house for the best part of a century, did indeed fall down. At the time my mother was near the front of the house, and on hearing the huge crack as it uprooted, she rushed out of the house and ushered to safety the children who were playing under the tree.

As a small child, there was no wonder for me in what had occurred. I thanked the tree for falling in the other direction, away from the house and the railway, and to me the event was no great issue. To the adults in my life, however, it was a completely different story! This was the late 1970s when the film Carrie was all the rage, and as my parents quietly assessed what had happened, I could sense the question of whether the tree had fallen down naturally, or whether their little girl’s words had made it happen! I could sense their fear. In fact, I was sent away for the day while the newspapers came around to photograph the scene and take down the story. On my return I asked my mother “When the newspaper man came, did you tell him I knew it was going to happen?” I already knew the answer. In fact, I was told in seriousness to never mention what had happened to anybody.

As the years went by I had more intuitions. But because I was taught to fear them, I pushed them down (along with my emotions). It wasn’t until I started to learn Emotional Freedom Techniques and became a practitioner, that I started to accept that intuition was a natural and good thing! When I first started out as a practitioner, I experienced massive insights and intuitions about my clients, but I had to first rewrite my old programmes and beliefs about intuition before I could put them into practice and help other people.

So what is intuition? My work over the past several years with Matrix Reimprinting (a technique that advances EFT by incorporating all the developments in quantum physics and the new sciences) has enabled me to see intuition in a totally new light. In fact these days, I feel pretty much the same way as I did when I first experienced it as a child, that it’s actually nothing special!

Because we have largely lost our sense of connection and we see ourselves as separate: when anything occurs to challenge this view, we become threatened and fearful. In actual fact, we are all connected by a unified energy field, and intuition is simply us tuning into the energy field and picking up information that is held in the field.

Intuition is what happens when we get the ego out of the way. To me it is our heart’s own field (which extends outside of the body) connecting with and being part of the field or Matrix that connects us all, and reading information from the unified energy field. My experience has taught me that we are all born with this same knowing, this same ability, but we lose it when we are conditioned to be separate. The power of intuition lies within us and is no greater than any of the other powers we have lost in our western civilisation.

There are some practical things that you can do to get back in touch with your intuition. The first is to get your ego out of the way! You may think you are right about something, but intuition rarely comes from the head – it is from the heart. Things like meditation, alongside a number of NES health infoceuticals, and techniques such as EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, can help you on a journey of personal development that supports you to live in your heart and not in your mind. The other key thing to do with your intuition is to take some time to recognise what you feel in your body when you have an intuition about something. Where is the knowing? And the final thing is to start listening to that knowing more often. How many times have you kicked yourself because you had an intuition about something but you didn’t take the time to listen to yourself?

Here’s to getting out of our heads and listening to our hearts more often. I wish you peace as your journey unfolds.

Sasha Allenby is co-author of Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT. Find out more about Matrix Reimprinting practitioners, courses and workshops worldwide.
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