Creating a successful heart-centred business

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EFT master Ann Ross explains how one of the most powerful ways to create a heart centred business is to begin with a vision of how you want your business to be.

by Ann Ross

Our intuition can guide us towards what is the right type of business for us by asking:

  • How do I truly want my business to be?
  • Who would I really like to serve and help, or who would be my ideal clients?
  • What work would I love to do?

You have permission to enjoy yourself as much as you can!

This can be a fun and playful thing to do so you can really enjoy imagining different scenarios to find what feels right for you.

You could do this now as you're reading this, just take a few moments to ask yourself; what sort of work do you really love doing so much that the time just flies by? Who is it you enjoy working with? What sort of outcomes do you love achieving with your clients when you are working at your best?

How to work with your vision

Your vision is not about money (although it certainly has the power to generate money). Your vision is about how you can be of service in the world and how the feelings that you have can create that vision easily and effortlessly. Your vision will create a powerful momentum to attract clients, partners, systems, resources and ideas much more easily.

It will also give you a stable starting place from which to create action plans to move towards your goals. Think about what you want and write about your vision as if it was a reality now (ie in the present tense). Then using your imagination, see how you will feel if you live that vision in your mind before going to sleep. What would people be saying about you? You want to feel your self smiling when you read about it and when you think about it.

Acknowledge what is going well

Look for positive evidence every day and when you go to bed give gratitude for each thing that is going well no matter how seemingly small it is. This consistent action each night, even for a few moments will repattern your brain to expect wonderful things and more will then start showing up even faster and on a regular basis.

Having the business of your dreams is all about the energy you are carrying. Don’t be worried about how you are going to do this because getting concerned with the ‘how-to’ can break the patterning of our energy and the focus of our dreams.

Let go of the concerns about how and simply step into visualising and feeling the end result of your dreams on a daily basis.

Ann Ross is an EFT master and has a background in corporate finance.
In March 2011 she will be co-facilitating a Business Breakthrough Intensive event for business owners, coaches and practitioners with Rangana Choudhuri.

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