Tapping for a happy holiday

Linda Anderson

I know this is meant to be a happy time of year but I notice that most of the people walking through my door at the moment are hassled, frazzled, out of energy and out of time – almost wishing the holidays were over because there is just so much to do ahead of time.

by Linda Anderson

Do you recognise any of those feelings? Here’s a Tapping script for a happy holiday, to help you enjoy getting ready for Christmas this year!

Karate chop point

  • Even though I feel frazzled and drained, there’s so much to do and not enough time, I love and accept myself anyway
  • Even though I feel hassled and tired, there’s just so much to do and not enough time, I choose to be ok with that anyway
  • Even though I feel overwhelmed, there’s so much to do and not enough time, I choose to feel calm and relaxed, while I focus on one task at a time.
  • EB There’s so much to do
  • SE There’s not enough time
  • UE There’s too much to do
  • UN So much to do
  • CH There’s too much to do
  • CB And not enough time
  • UA All this pressure
  • TH No wonder I feel drained!

Repeat the above as necessary until you start to feel more relaxed. Then continue with the positive phrases below:

  • EB What if I could relax and be present
  • SE Focusing on one thing at a time?
  • UE I wonder what that would feel like?
  • UN Don’t be ridiculous, do you have any idea how much there is to do?
  • CH No wonder I’m feeling overwhelmed!
  • CB But the situation’s not going to change no matter how anxious I feel
  • UA So I choose to relax and have this be surprisingly easy
  • TH As I focus on one thing at a time.
  • EB Being present to this moment, focussed on one thing at a time
  • SE And as I slow down and find time for myself and those that I love
  • UE And stop struggling to do it all perfectly and get through the whole to-do list
  • UN I become more present to what’s going on around me
  • CH Remembering that this moment is a Gift
  • CB Which is why it’s called ‘The Present’
  • UA And I choose to relax and have it be surprisingly easy to stretch time
  • TH And still be ready for Santa on time!

Happy Christmas everybody! I hope you have lots of ‘Present’ moments!

Linda Anderson is an EFT success coach and trainer. She helps clients unfulfilled in their careers overcome the fear of change and make a difference in the world by taking a leap into heart-centred work they truly love.
To book a free 15-minute get-to-know-you call, phone 01799 531315, email linda email or visit Linda’s website

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