A star is born with Matrix Reimprinting


On an amazing yoga retreat last year in Goa, I noticed that one of the guests was incredibly ill. These days, I normally wait for people to come to me for help; however I felt that this gentle soul was suffering unnecessarily in paradise and with the blessings of the universe I offered my help.

by Penny Croal

She readily agreed as she had not been well for several weeks.

Many of you know that I love a challenge and with my meta medicine training I immediately recognised the core conflict. Together with all my other learnings, my belief is that anything can be healed and nothing is impossible: never say never.

We started with some basic EFT for the vomiting and pain, and we soon found the conflict.

Miranda had had several miscarriages and was told that it would be highly unlikely if she could ever conceive a much desired child. Months of agonising tests and trials produced no specific results. It had become apparent that the medical profession was resigned to agree upon the devastating news that a woman over 38 years old would have problems such as this. In fact, they said it was quite common.

Understandably Miranda, who longed for a baby, was heartbroken. Perhaps her journey to this place where we found ourselves was no coincidence.

After the initial symptoms had subsided we worked on all the miscarriages with Matrix Reimprinting, changing the vibration of each traumatic incident of loss.

Within a few days Miranda recovered from the pain and vomiting. Interestingly enough, while working through all this, she also rid herself of her phobia of heights – what a bonus!

What struck me most was how she blossomed within an hour of starting work, something that everyone on the retreat noticed. They commented, wanting to know which Indian healer or guru she had consulted!

We managed to do a few sessions. On the final one we did a future Matrix Reimprinting. Magically and joyfully, for an hour and a half, Miranda visualised a little star choosing her as a mother, growing inside her womb and then her actually giving birth to the little star a baby girl.

Miranda described in detail what the little girl would look like, how she felt, where she was born, her husband being present: yep, every detail!! We went through everything we could think of and a few things in between for good measure.

To my great joy Miranda emailed me about five months after my return from the retreat. Astounding the experts, friends and family alike, the little star was conceived about a month after our last session together. Now Miranda and her husband are the very proud parents of a beautiful little star that came to Earth and is, amazingly enough, a baby girl.

Miranda’s husband is still a little sceptical. What modern, logical person wouldn’t be? But then again he wasn’t there with us on the journey. So Miranda just smiles at him holding the little miracle in her arms.

The poetic beauty of this story is that they both smile lovingly at the little star who, in turn, shines back her limitless joy at them. I hope that this may touch others as it has touched me, in ways I cannot fathom or begin to explain – a miracle comes in all shapes and sizes, doesn’t it? So I offer this story to you as a gift; proof that you can make your dreams come true.

Penny Croal is a trainer of EFT, Matrix ReImprinting and Meta-Medicine,
Visit http://www.changeahead.biz to find out more.

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