Memories of Masterclass 2010

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June Spencer attended Masterclass 2010 in London earlier in October. Here she describes the stand out moments for her.

by June K Spencer

Rupert Sheldrake gave a very interesting and academic lecture which made sense of so many aspects of energy and how we can translate it into helping others to understand where we are coming from. He opened the Masterclass and was well received by all. It was valuable to have such a scientific perspective. I feel it will help us as energy therapists to be recognised and accepted.

David Hamilton was inspirational and held a captive audience throughout his lecture. He brought science, humour and lightness to the whole auditorium while also sharing his own brand of loving kindness and compassion to every member of the audience as he spoke. He received a standing ovation of several minutes. Personally, he made the whole conference worthwhile.

Dawson Church, literally a giant amongst all the presenters, made sense of how tapping affects our mind/body system. Once again giving us the tools we need to take our work out into the medical and public domain. He had some excellent illustrations and scientific research and will I am sure help to further bridge the gap between allopathic and complementary medicine (which is a personal goal of mine).

I managed to view Sue Beer’s presentation on the effect vows have on our lives. Many of us look at our thoughts and emotions and some even consider the effect our beliefs have on how we perceive our world and the world at large but Sue’s concept on the vows we make when we experience trauma or negative experiences brought a different slant to how vows affect our lives. The only vows I really want to keep are the ones I made on my wedding day, many of the others I am looking at, tapping out and letting go off.

Tania Prince was originally inspired to develop the new process. She asked me to co-develop it with her and present EFT Inner RePatterning at the conference. If anyone who visited our seminar has any comments both Tania and I would love to read them. Our audience were wonderful and many thanks to George who allowed himself to be volunteered and work on stage. He was a joy to work with.

For those who attended the marketing panel, I found it very informative, with a wide range of knowledge and insights being shared by Tania, Jessica, Pamela and Maxine. It has certainly led me to think twice about using Twitter and Facebook to promote my business. The panel had well balanced views that I believe gave the whole audience new ideas and ways to market their business.

The venue was perfect and catered for all our needs and the location itself was ideal for us who travelled by rail.

I am grateful to Sue, Emma and Judy for all their hard work to bring us such an engaging, educational and enjoyable conference. Thanks to the presenters and Martina and Ted and anyone else we didn’t see who was working behind the scenes.

Let’s hope its not too long before we find out where and when the next one is.

June K Spencer
EFT Advanced Practitioner/Trainer or email me at julie spencer email or visit my website

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