EFT Inner RePatterning solves stress


I have been using EFT for several years now both as a trainer and therapist. It is a succinct, self-help tool as well as an empowering therapy that works for my client group.

by June K Spencer

As a therapist I work with the general public and also with the vulnerable population such as those who are homeless, angry, confused, anxious, hurt and often hurt themselves. I use and teach EFT in conjunction with a mindful approach to living.

You can imagine my excitement when EFT Master Tania A Prince phoned me and asked if I would do some research on a technique she was inspired to develop through reading the work of Ekhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now. I took this process into my anger management group and therapy sessions and had amazing results. I fed back to Tania and we are now co-developing the process together while using research methods to bridge the gap between science and energy work.

The process incorporates tapping on a specific point while in a relaxed state. It is intention based and allows the client to be present with their issues in a non-judgmental and non-traumatic way. It is so gentle that it can be used for so many issues from mild anxiety to fear of public speaking and from irritation to deep-rooted anger. EFT Inner RePatterning activates the relaxation response and allows the client to access information at a subconscious level and release their addictive thought patterns, the consequence of which is ultimately behaviour changes.

How many times have you felt hurt, upset, angry, misunderstood and absorbed those thoughts and emotions into your being until they cause you physical pain? EFT Inner RePatterning allows you to witness your thoughts and emotions, without criticism or judgment and release them. Thus releasing the physical effects they have upon us.

I recently used this technique with a lovely lady who I have worked with several times using EFT. This lady has experienced much grief and stress in her life over the past year as two close members of her immediate family were diagnosed with cancer. Having suffered the loss of other family members with cancer when she came to see me she was suffering with physical and emotional stress.

Using this technique, we established the issue was physical and emotional stress. We did not need to go into the cause of the stress which began in her back and I hope this session shows how gentle it is, allowing the client to fully experience the positive thoughts and feelings as well as feeling able to ask questions and express their emotions without being judged and in a safe and caring environment.

As we worked through the session the client experienced sadness and was able to release it safely and gently.

Client: I’m just feeling sad.

Therapist: And just put that feeling sad out there. (I then asked the client to work with a colour to help release the sadness. Colour plays an important part in our lives and is a gentle way to help release emotions)

Client: Yellow. (Breathing deeply and working with the colour yellow)

Therapist: And what is happening now that you have released that sadness?

Client: It’s not all gone.

Therapist: It’s not all gone, okay? Just breathe it out, just watch it, pause ... Just accept it. (It is important to clear the layers)

Therapist: Okay?

Client: Okay. ... nodding (We worked through the layers of sadness, clearing everything connected to the thoughts, emotions, memories and images)

Therapist: What is coming up?

Client: All I’m thinking is I don’t feel anything.

Therapist: And just put that I don’t feel anything feeling out in front of you and just accept that’s how it is and then when you go inside again what’s beneath that I don’t feel anything feeling?

Client: I’m waiting for my anger to come. Do you know that?

Therapist: Okay and just put that out there, that thought. (Again, just accept the question and mirror the question and the feeling for the client without judgement – there is no need to answer the question, they will find the answer themselves)

Client: Breathing out .. deep breaths

Therapist: What’s happening now? What do you have a sense of now?

Client: Deep breathing ... Sigh ... Just calm.

Therapist: And is that a good feeling you’re experiencing?

Client: Yeh.

Therapist: (At this point we reinforced the positive feeling and continued the process. This is where everything began to change) And what is happening for you now?

Client: Do you know, I don’t know if you are meant to be in a like a ... I don’t know ... relaxed state ... Am I? (This is a special moment for this lady as she is always taking care of others and finds it difficult to relax)

Therapist: It happens.

Client: In the mind as well though?

Therapist: And is that what you’re feeling?

Client: Yeh.

Therapist: And is that a good experience and a good place to be?

Client: Yeh. ... brightly

Therapist: (We then checked to see if there was any stress left ... It was very obvious that the client’s mood had lifted and changed)

Client: I think it’s still in the back you know. ... laughing

Therapist: (Once again we repeated the process and she returned to that relaxed state) And what is happening for you now?

Therapist: I’m just going back into the relaxed state again.

Therapist: And is it okay for you to be in the relaxed state?

Client: Yeh.

Therapist: And is this a good state for you to be in?

Client: Laughing ... Not all the time, eh?

Therapist: No?

Client: I’m floating.

Therapist: Do you want to look what’s beneath this relaxed state? Pause ...

Client: Yeh. ... shrugging shoulders and smiling

Therapist: We then reinforced the relaxed state and continued the process. This empowers the client to know they can feel the positive experience whenever they choose, even after the session) And what’s happening now?

Client: Laughing ... I’ll be asleep – that’s what’s beneath it.

Therapist: (Checking through the layers still further ...)

Client: Yawn – I’m going to sleep .. laughter .. I was meant to release that thought wasn’t I? ... Laughter ... Now I’m just going to sleep ... laughing as signalling me to go away and laying her head on a cushion

(Laughter releases naturally releases serotonin)

Therapist: Laughter ... Okay, so when you think about that stressed part of you now is there any part of that stress left now?

Client: Yawn ... No ... No. Mind you if I went to sleep that would be joyful, can’t remember the last time I slept. ... laughter

Therapist: (We continued with the process) What sense do you have now?

Client: It’s peace ... It is!

Therapist: And is that a good place to be?

Client: Yeh.

Therapist: (We then establish there is no stress left and the client is in a good place. I asked again what was happening for her now ...)

Client: I’ve got to let go more.

Therapist: What else do you need to let go of now?

Client: I need a wee. Laughter from both of us

Therapist: Okay – toxins?

Client: Yes.

The session came to a very natural conclusion and the client was very comfortable with the result, no longer experiencing back ache or feeling stressed. Also within that session we cleared grief at the loss of her loved ones and she came to a place of peace.

Tania and I presented at the recent EFT MasterClass Conference and are now offering another training session in Manchester.

June K Spencer
EFT Advanced Practitioner/Trainer
www.eftinnerrepatterning.com or email me at julie spencer email or visit my website www.complementsholistics.co.uk

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