How do our birth stories affect our lives today?

Sharon King

Our time in the womb, our birth experience and the first six years of life all set up how we feel, relate to the world, and our beliefs. They also dictate how our immune, nervous and digestive systems organise themselves for the rest of our lives.

Struggling to find where the negative belief started? It could be a preconscious memory from the womb!

by Sharon King

Not many people are aware that babies are conscious beings, able to learn, experience emotions and make beliefs about themselves and the world they are coming into while still in the womb. The mother’s thoughts, feeling and emotions are shared with the baby (prenate) to prepare it for life. The baby perceives the world through the mother: the mother’s body is the baby’s outer body, they are one.

Have you worked with clients where you cannot find the event that is causing the presenting issue?

If the mother is living in fear, high anxiety, grief or depression throughout the pregnancy then the baby will share those feelings and can grow up suffering with the same symptoms. The feelings they are experiencing are not even theirs!

Do you or your clients feel isolated, abandoned and have a general feeling of disconnection?

Separation of the child from the mother at birth can lead to depression, anxiety, addictions (substance, food or alcohol), a feeling of not being safe in the world, of not being wanted, not able to make any connections to another human, which can even lead to suicide. They can experience trouble forming relationships and are unable to open to trust that it is safe to love or be loved.

Wondering how you as EFT/Matrix Reimprinting practitioners can help?

The Matrix Birth Reimprinting workshop teaches you how to get to these preconscious memories and release the emotional blocks and negative beliefs. By means of a specially designed technique you can guide your client back through a natural birth and the bonding process, help them to reconnect with their parents and the world, and generate a feeling of safety, physical (see Jake’s case study below)and emotional healing.

The Matrix Birth Reimprinting workshop will teach you how you can release the trauma of your own birth or of giving birth, and you will learn the Future Birth Reimprinting technique, which is especially designed for helping expectant mothers (see Caoibhe case study below).

For more information and workshop dates see the EmotionalBuzz workshops page, and visit:

Some examples of our birth stories

Babies born by C-section will go through life either not being able to complete a given task, or will sit up until 4am to ensure they do complete a task, or flip between the two. They are replaying their birth experience and trying to complete it.

Babies born to parents who do not want a baby grow up with an inner knowing of not being wanted and recreate situations in their life of being rejected or abandoned. They have very low self worth and self confidence.

Adopted children will either withdraw and push against their adoptive parents, constantly testing them to see if they will give them away or they will become the ideal children their adoptive parents want them to be and do their very best to fit in, but will have an unconscious fear of rejection, low self-esteem and self worth, always putting others before themselves.

Case studies

Jake goes from 2-3 seizures a day to 4 months clear of seizures


Eight-year-old Jake has suffered epileptic fits two or three times a day since he was born, was diagnosed as Dravet Syndrome, and has learning difficulties (suspected ADHD).

Jake’s birth was very difficult and four weeks after conception his father left his mother as he could not cope with the responsibility of being a father. Over three sessions starting in January 2010 I worked with his mother on clearing the trauma from her and Jake (in the womb), of the abandonment of his father and their combined emotions around this. We also worked on releasing the memory of his traumatic birth. In the Matrix we also worked with his father to clear the need to run at the time he found out about the pregnancy. Using the Matrix Birth Reimprinting technique we guided Jake back through a natural birth process.

Note: Jake’s father did return to his family one week after Jake was born. Amazingly during the session Jake’s father reported that he was aware of the emotions of that time coming back up for him and releasing from him, even though he was at work and totally unaware of the session his wife was undertaking at that time.

The outcome of the first session was that Jake went one week without a seizure. After the second sessions Jake went one month without a seizure and, after the third, four months passed before his next seizure.

Jake has also had amazing developments in his behaviour in terms of his ability to focus and the understand what is required of him. He has received very good reports from his school during May, June and July. His teachers and family have noticed incredible changes. We are continuing to work together.

Baby born just how his mother planned

During a Matrix Birth Reimprinting workshop in Ireland I worked with Caoibhe, who was eight months pregnant at the time, on clearing the traumas of the previous birth of one of her daughters and also her own birth traumas.

I got a call from Caoibhe a week or so after her due date, as she was getting worried because she was overdue and the hospital wanted her to go into hospital to be educed. Caoibhe really wanted a natural birth without any medical intervention, so we worked on releasing her fear of having to be educed and used the future Birth Reimprinting technique to position the baby in her womb and show the baby just how the birth was going to be.

This is the email I had from Caoibhe a few days later:


Delighted to let you know that I had a beautiful baby boy on Tuesday night. He’s now four days old and doing really well, much loved by all in the family! What a surprise to have a boy. We were so convinced of having a girl.

After my session with you on Monday evening Sharon, he got very very active in my tum and I could feel that he’d dropped down into my pelvis. I started going into labour in the wee hours of Tuesday morning but it all stopped again after a few hours. We did a bit of walking the next day and got it all started again by about 4pm. I went into hospital at 9pm, got into the birth pool at 9.45pm and he was born at 10.45pm. The birth was a wonderful experience and exactly how I had visualised it all flowing using the Future Birth technique, even spending just one hour in the pool!! Very manageable and calm. Thank you so much for helping me along in my last impatient stage.

Thanks again,

Caoibhe x

Sharon King
Matrix Reimprinting trainer and creator of Matrix Birth Reimprinting
Email: sharon king email

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