Walk like a Norwegian


I have been assisting my wife Jenny Cox in presenting workshops, talks and getting the Balance Procedure out to as many people as possible fulltime since the end of 2007.

by Alan Cox

A few weeks ago we were introduced to Nordic Walking which is a fabulous way to keep fit, synchronise the left and right side of the body, have fun and meet new people. One of Jenny’s mantras is to teach is to learn so when she decided to qualify as a Nordic Walking instructor, I was not too surprised.

As usual with Jenny everything has to happen yesterday, so we found a course, purchased the books and DVDs, and then it was out on the road practising and getting fit. Now you would imagine the rest would be easy, but no. What happened caught us by surprise: the mind got in the way.

For many years we have both been involved in energy techniques and, in Jenny’s case, seen hundreds of clients. But for some reason the prospect of attending the instructor training made Jenny feel very apprehensive. As she was reading through the small print, one little phraswe popped up that sent her into a panic: the suggestion that ‘the training will be challenging’.

Now instead of going straight to the solution, using the Balance Procedure, we went into what I call therapist mode: analysing, looking back to ‘where did I first start to feel like this, others on the course are going to be better, younger and fitter’. Sometimes having these panic feelings reminds us we aren’t perfect and we need to use the tools we have to calm us down.

Well it took a day or two but eventually I got my TBP surrogate chart out and compiled a combination of TBP cards for Jenny to calm her down and enable her to think more clearly, which is exactly what happened.

Were the others on the course younger, fitter or any better than Jenny? I don’t think she even noticed as she flew through the course, thoroughly enjoyed herself, and is now a qualified Nordic Walking instructor, and we can’t wait to get out there and share this wonderful sport.

So next time you find yourself becoming uneasy or apprehensive, use TBP and put yourself into a state of relaxation and we will do the same.

Alan Cox
website: www.thebalanceprocedure.com

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