Masterclass 2010 back in London

masterclass 2010

They pioneered the Masterclass concept back in 2005, and now they’re bringing Masterclass back to London.

EFT masters Sue Beer and Emma Roberts of The EFT Centre, together with EFT master Judy Byrne, are organising the next international event on 2-3 October.

“Since we instigated the international Masterclass back then, it has become a fixture of the EFT world,” says Sue.

“Over the years it has travelled round the country, stopping off in Yorkshire and Manchester. We jumped at the chance to organise it again this year and we’re bringing it back to London.”

masterclass team Sue and Emma believe they’ve found the perfect venue for the 2010 event.

“We’ve booked Mary Ward House, which is a fantastic venue in which to hold such an event,” says Emma.

“It was difficult to find somewhere with the right amount of space because as well as a main conference hall, we need some smaller rooms for breakout sessions.

“Mary Ward House is an old arts and crafts building located in the heart of London’s Bloomsbury area, which is rich in literary, artistic and philanthropic history. It has been meticulously renovated for conference use, but is still cosy and full of character. It has exactly the ambience and ethos we were looking for, and we have the whole place to ourselves.”

Mary Ward House Not only is the venue in one of the easiest places to reach for people travelling from within London, it’s also well located for major transport hubs including Russell Square tube station and Euston, Kings Cross and St Pancras mainline stations, which makes it easily accessible for those travelling to London from the west and north.

“It’s a brilliant location and we’re very happy about that. Our delegates could even combine their weekend with a quick day trip to Paris or other Eurostar destinations afterward.”

Not that they’ll be lacking excitement and interest during the event.

rupert sheldrake Emma and Sue have pulled together a conference that has no end of highlights. Among these are Rupert Sheldrake, whose appearance Sue and Emma believe is an enormous coup.

“His huge reputation as a pioneering scientist goes before him and a lot of EFTers will have heard of the important work he’s doing, the Extended Mind, and the healing power of EFT,” says Emma.

“He’ll be talking about how we’re all connected through, for example, borrowing benefits. The Masterclass will provide an opportunity for us to witness major change and healing.

“He will also present his latest work and explain how he first encountered EFT.”

david hamilton Another scoop at Masterclass 2010 is the charismatic and entertaining David Hamilton, who will be conducting one of the plenary sessions. “David puts science into our everyday work and has research to back up his teachings,” explains Emma.

“Again he is widely respected in the world of science and has seen how EFT works in practice. His work has led to a huge breakthrough in scientific thinking within EFT and the development of practical tools, which will provide help for those of us trying to bring EFT to medical practices.”

sophia cayer Also on the roster of Masterclass 2010 speakers is Sophia Cayer, who will discuss her Personal Peace foundation. An important part of the foundation’s work is with veteran associations in the US, focusing on trauma. It is also in discussions with organisations that have relief workers currently operating in Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake there, with the aim of helping them deal with the intense stress of the traumas they have witnessed.

“Their work is very topical,” says Sue. “And it doesn’t involve just a few people – right now there are many people affected by operations overseas, who would benefit from the work of the Personal Peace Foundation, but who have probably never even heard of EFT or tapping.”

dawson church Conference delegates will also have a chance to meet Genie in Your Genes author Dawson Church. “Dawson is amazing,” Emma says. “He really is leading the way with research that explains how EFT works, and will be talking about what goes on ‘under the bonnet’ during an EFT session.

“He explains EFT in terms that doctors and nurses and scientists understand.”

Both Sue and Emma believe that delegates will get a huge amount from the Masterclass. “The last time, one of our mentoring groups told us how much they benefited not only from listening to the different presenters, but from being able to meet each other face to face and network,” says Sue.

“They enjoyed having a choice of different workshops, hearing about the latest ideas and cutting-edge techniques and trying them out in their own practices. One, who was experiencing a relationship break up at the time, told us about how a presentation by Ann Ross gave her a totally different perspective of her situation and enabled her to deal with it and move on.”

“Attending a live event is something very special,” adds Emma. “Most people have a wonderful experience and take new things away with them. They meet like minded people and share and contribute to the dynamic of the community. They probably already know many of the names, but it’s great to put a face to the name. Talking and interacting with other attendees creates almost a party atmosphere, and I’m sure people absorb stuff even if they don’t realise it.”

Both Emma and Sue are amazed at how far the Masterclass has come since its inception five years ago.

“When we think what has hapopened from first Masterclass, it’s amazing to see the respect that energy psychology now has,” says Sue. “We never dreamed of getting people of this calibre to speak to us. If we’d known then we’d have been blown away.”

Emma and Sue are still applying their minds to an evening event. They’ve also extended the early bird offer to encourage more potential attendees to register while the financial climate is still tough.

The event website includes a selection of bed and breakfast suggestions and any London-based EFTers who have a spare room available during the event can link up with prospective attendees via the accompanying Facebook page.

For more information about the event and to register visit the Masterclass 2010 website.

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