EFT Inner Repatterning – a new process


To get results with EFT you have to get into the specifics of the problem. In many cases that means finding the events from the past that are foundational to your current problem and tapping them out. This can in some cases be complex and tricky.

by EFT master Tania A Prince

What if you don’t need to go to the past events?

Typically in EFT we look for the core issues, we find words that represent them and tap. This can be challenging especially if you are working on your own problem. It can even be challenging for experienced therapists.

What if you don’t need to even understand your problem in order to clear it?

One of the biggest problems for people new to EFT is finding those elusive words. In many cases the inability to find words can actually stop people using EFT in the first place.

What if you don’t need the words?

Inner RePatterning – an introduction
Sometimes it is good to challenge the beliefs you may have in order to see whether they hold true. EFT Inner RePatterning was developed in order to see just how simple the process of EFT could be made while still retaining its ability to attain powerful results.

So, what is EFT Inner RePatterning?

It is an approach that is based in the now. It does not seek out the past events connected to the current problem. They may however pop up while you are using the process.

Often, when we are working on issues, the conscious mind can strive to understand a logical reason why we have the problem. Understanding why you have a problem does not clear a problem. By striving to understand or getting too immersed into the story of the problem, the conscious mind can get in the way of clearing the problem. Inner RePatterning cuts out the middle man – the conscious mind – by not going into the story of the problem but instead working directly with how your mind/ body system has encoded your problem. An important point to be made here is that it is important to maintain rapport with the client and not infer that it isn’t OK to tell their story. This would trigger some clients and result in rapport being lost.

Inner RePatterning is a goal orientated therapy. Setting intention is a powerful way to enhance results in therapy. Inner RePatterning combines the power of intention with tapping.

Inner RePatterning works with the language of the mind, which goes beyond words. In fact words are often not sufficient to represent our own internal experience, the words often represent the best fit we can find to explain what we are experiencing. That is why Inner RePatterning does not rely on the words.

Now that might sound complex, however Inner RePatterning is stunningly simple, both for the therapist and the person using it. It takes the process of change back to: what is the minimum we need to do in order to create profound results? It takes it back to the process of change being simple.

Tania A Prince, EFT master

Tania will be presenting the EFT Inner RePatterning at the 2010 EFT Masterclass Conference.
For more information on EFT Inner RePatterning visit Tania’s website.

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