Making EFT accessible to all – and still earning a living!


Helping people on low incomes without the need to reduce fees, or even give sessions for free, is often a challenge for meridian tapping technique (MTT) practitioners. However, there are ways we can work with clients unable to pay the usual fee without financial loss to either client or practitioner.

by Caroline Rolling

An exciting development has been the introduction of personal budgets. This system allows individuals needing help from social care providers the choice of what support is best for them, and who will provide it. Customers (as they are now called in social care speak) will have a say in how their budget is spent as long as it meets agreed aims with their provider.

This is a huge step that could have major benefits for both individuals and practitioners. Where personal budgets are in place, a person could ask to see a practitioner of EFT or Matrix Reimprinting for example, to help relieve depression, improve self-confidence or anything else that will help meet their agreed aims. Already in place in some parts of the country, my understanding is this system should be in place throughout England by the end of 2011.

It could take some time before social care providers are aware of the benefits of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and other MTTs and the challenge then is for them to make that information accessible to their customers. As always, it’s often a good idea to introduce tapping techniques to key people in your area. They are very busy people and learning about EFT and other MTTs will not be top of their to-do list. So gentle persistence and a focus on how your techniques will be beneficial to their main customer base are advisable. Carers, too, will have an important role in raising awareness of how MTT can be helpful and getting in touch with carers’ groups and organisations could reap dividends later.

To find out more visit In Control, a new system that helps people control the support they need to live their life as they choose. Or search on the internet for personalisation agenda or personal budgets, followed by your area or county name.

There are other ways of reaching clients on low incomes without compromising the value of your skills and techniques and where potential clients are not in need of a care package.

Working with voluntary organisations

Voluntary organisations (VOs) usually work directly with people in most need and can sometimes gain clients’ trust where statutory authorities do not. VOs may already run group sessions enabling an enterprising MTT practitioner opportunities for themed group work or workshops. It could be necessary, initially, to offer your skills for free for a limited time, and do make sure you specify how long you are prepared to do that.

Once convinced of the benefits of MTT to their service users, VOs have access to funding streams that can potentially produce 1-3 years of regular work while providing you with a steady stream of people in most need of your expertise, at little or no cost to them.

It’s important that you get to know other MTT practitioners in your area as two similar bids to the same funding stream would usually be counterproductive. Your local council and community volunteer service will have grants officers who can advise on available funding. Normally the VO will make the grant application. Community service volunteers or your local library will hold a list of VOs supporting your chosen client group.

Setting up a social enterprise

Currently there is funding around to help set up all or part of your business as a social enterprise. In the West Midlands, you could apply for start-up sums ranging from £500 to £5000! I’ve been informed that these grants may not be around for too long so it’s worth seeking advice as soon as possible.

A good starting point for information is the Social Enterprise Coalition.

Business Link advisors should also be able to help with information about available grants and assist you in forming a business plan.

And your local council may employ grants officers. As in the voluntary sector, businesses set up as a social enterprise are strongly encouraged to support other social enterprise.

If you’re considering any of these three options it’s probably a good idea to start finding information soon. In the current financial and political climate some funding streams may not last long. All three methods can take time, commitment and lots of patience, but the potential gains could be very rewarding for both you and your clients.

Caroline Rolling, EFT Trainer and Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting practitioner
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